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Name 常伟思
Chang Weisi
Other Names The fifth Wallbreaker
Age 68
Eye Color black
Hair Color black
Character Voicing Wang Panzi (Mine Threebody Animation)
Gao Feng (radio drama)
Ren Yaming (audio book)
Moe Points soldier
From China
Active in China
Status deceased
Related Characters
Zhang Beihai, Wu Yue, Shi Qiang

Chang Weisi is a character in the science-fiction The Three-Body Problem written by Liu Cixin and the derivative works.


The People's Liberation Army's major general, Chinese Space Force's commander, founder of space force of asian military power.

Wisdom, good at employing people. Makes an exception to promote Shi Qiang to the Battle Command Center. Shi Qiang was only an ordinary warrior in Chang Weisi's force 20 years ago.


Demobilised at his 65, kept recalling Zhang Beihai's name before he died.

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Chang Weisi almost penetrated Zhang Beihai's escape plan, he keenly found that Zhang Beihai's victory belief has no practical foundation, and Zhang Beihai's Future Reinforcement Plan exacerbated his suspicions. He implicitly pointed it out in the letter to the future Space Force's commander, but was ignored.

Therefore, Chang Weisi is Wallfacer Zhang Beihai's Wallbreaker.