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Charlotte KV3.jpg
Original Name Charlotte
Translation Name Charlotte
Region Japan
Original run July 5 to September 27, 2015
Episodes 13+OVA
Studio P.A.Works
Directed by Yoshiyuki Asai
Written by Jun Maeda
Music by Jun Maeda
Anant-Garde Eyes
Voiced by Kōki Uchiyama, Ayane Sakura, etc
State Finished
Linked works Angel Beats!

Charlotte is an original anime project produced by both ANIPLEX&key, original work and all the scripts written by Jun Maeda, Character Gen'an by Na-Ga, and made by P.A.WORKS.

This work is the second original anime project by key after Angel Beats!, which aired between July 5 and September 27, 2015.

Original production introduction

Key opened a mysterious countdown page on the Angel Beats! anime's official website[1] on December 8, 2014, and announced the following day that "Presentation of ANIPLEX×Key Presents New Works & Angel Beats!" on December 22, 2014, at 20:00 (Tokyo time).

At the press conference on December 22, 2014, Key announced that this is an original TV anime jointly planned with ANIPLEX. Like 2010's "Angel Beats!", Jun Maeda is the original writer and scriptwriter, Na-Ga is the original character designer, and P.A.Works is the producer.

Along with this, a promotional drawing of the work was also released, featuring a silver-haired double ponytail girl in a school uniform, a window showing a starry sky and a passing comet in the background, and a digital camera in the lower right.

The anime was aired from July 4 to September 26, 2015. It is licensed by Chinese video sites bilibili, Tencent Video,,, and Akiyoshi agency.


  • Original Scenario・Script: Jun Maeda
    Jun Maeda’s message
  • Original Character Design: Na-Ga
    Na-Ga’s message
  • Director: Asai Yoshiyuki
  • Character Design: Kanami Sekiguchi
  • Chief Animation Director:Noboru Sugimitsu, Kanami Sekiguchi
  • Action Animation Director: Yūji Miyashita
  • Art Director: Kazuki Higashiji
  • Color design: Mika Sugawara
  • Director of Photography: Katsufumi Sato
  • 3D Director: Kōhei Ogawa
  • Special Effects:Masahiro Murakami
  • Editor: 高桥步
  • Music: ANANT-GARDE EYES, Jun Maeda, Hikari Shūyō
  • Audio supervision: Īda Satoki
  • Key Animation:P.A.WORKS
  • ZHIENDジエンド (Band in the show)[2]
    • Music production and lyrics: Jun Maeda
    • Music production: Hikari Shūyō
    • Singer: marina


Main character:

Supporting roles for each story:


Yumi Shirayanagi: Mai Nakahara
Mishima: Tomoe Tamiyasu
Sugimoto: Hitomi Ohwada
Yoshiyuki Ōmura: Junji Majima


Kumagami: Eiji Takemoto
Kazuki Tomori: Kazuyuki Okitsu
Udō: Yusei Oda


Kōta: Yoshimasa Hosoya
Shō: Ryota Ohsaka


Arifumi Fukuyama: Ryohei Kimura
Takato: Kensho Ono


Skyhigh Saitō: Hikaru Midorikawa


Nomura: Yuiko Tatsumi
Oikawa: Daiki Yamashita
Konishi: Kotori Koiwai
Medoki: Asami Seto


Gondō: Yasuaki Takumi
Hosoyamada: Kenichirō Matsuda


Sara Shane: Miyuki Sawashiro
Ryuya: Tomokazu Sugita


Shunsuke Otosaka: Daisuke Ono
Shichino: Kengo Kawanishi
Maedomari: Natsuki Hanae
Tsutsumiuchi: Tomomichi Nishimura


Furuki: Kanehira Yamamoto


Yusa's mother: Natsuko Kuwatani
Yusa's father: Dai Matsumoto


Courageous girl: Sarah Emi Bridcutt


Iori Sekiguchi: Inori Minase
Honoka: Lynn

Episode list

No. Japanese Title English Title Script Storyboard Director Animation Director
1 我他人を思う I Think About Others Jun Maeda Yoshiyuki Asai Miyuki Nakamura
Noboru Sugimitsu
2 絶望の旋律 Melody of Despair Yoshiyuki Asai Tomoaki Ōta Risa Suzuki
Keiko Ichihara
Noboru Sugimitsu
3 恋と炎 Love and Flame Fukuda Michio Mitsutaka Noshitani 向河原宪
4 刹那の本気 Moment of Earnest Koyama Yoshitaka Ken'ichi Imaizumi
5 いつか聴いた音 Sound Heard Sometime in the Past Anzai Takefumi Tomoaki Ōta 高木晴美
6 気づかなかった幸せ Happiness Never Noticed Masayuki Kojima Fumihiko Suganuma 秋山有希
7 逃避行の果てに Beyond the Escape Toshiya Shinohara 大东百合惠
8 邂逅 A Chance Meeting Yoshiyuki Asai Mitsutaka Noshitani 向川原宪
Asuka Kurokawa
Sakurako Sagano
9 ここにない世界 A World That Does Not Exist Here Fukuda Michio Tomoaki Ōta 宫下雄次
10 略奪 Plunder Yoshiyuki Asai Tōru Yoshida 上竹哲郎
11 シャーロット Charlotte Masayuki Kojima Fumihiko Suganuma 秋山有希
12 約束 Promise Toshiya Shinohara Kanami Sekiguchi
Noboru Sugimitsu
Risa Suzuki
13 これからの記録 Memories to Come Yoshiyuki Asai Kanami Sekiguchi
Noboru Sugimitsu
OVA 強い者たち The Strong Ones Yoshiyuki Asai Yoshiyuki Asai

Daisuke Tsukushi

Kanami Sekiguchi
Risa Suzuki


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Consider skipping these contents if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media releases.

Plot of every episode

ep1 I Think About Others 
A special ability that occurs in a very small number of adolescent girls. Yū Otosaka, who has spent his student life as an honour student by using his special ability of "taking the body of any subject within 5 seconds", passed the entrance exam of a prestigious high school with flying colours. Just when Yū is about to have a smooth life in the high school where he will advance to, a young girl named Nao Tomori appears in front of him ......

ep2 Melody of Despair 
Yū reluctantly acts together with the student council and runs around to secure special ability people. At this time, he learns about the past of Tomori, who did her duty to the student council even though she was in danger. That is the cruel fate of a person with special abilities.

ep3 Love and Flame 
Yū and the others, who continued their student council activities, received information about a new ability. Yū and the others, who were looking for the ability to use "channel the dead as a medium" and "pyrokinesis", met a certain idol.

ep4 Love and Flame 
On the day Yusa transferred to Hoshinoumi Academy, Kumagami conveyed information to the student council that was consistent with the high school baseball pitcher Tomori had targeted beforehand. His ability was to "locate an ability user and determine their ability". The pitcher uses his ability to throw a magic ball, and in order to stop him from using his ability, the Hoshinoumi Academy student council challenged him to a baseball game.

ep5 Sound Heard Sometime in the Past 
Taking the information conveyed by Kumagami as a clue, the members of the student council went to the mountain where the powerhouse exists for a continuous ambush. The time was spent in barbecue and fishing when Yū came across the music of ZHIEND through Tomori's music player. After that, in front of them in ambush appeared ......

ep6 Happiness Never Noticed 
Tomori and Yū came to Otosaka's house to visit the sick, and Ayumi told them that she had a terrible dream. Tomori thought that the content of the dream would be a clue to Ayumi's ability, and asked Yū to ask Ayumi about it from Tomori thinks that the content of the dream will be a clue to Ayumi's power and asks Yū to ask Ayumi about the content of the dream ......

ep7 Beyond the Escape 
Devastated by the loss of his sister Ayumi, Yū locks himself up in his house alone and isolates himself from the outside world. He even refused to meet with the student council members who came to visit him out of concern. At this time, Yū, who was leading a self-destructive life, appeared in front of ......

ep8 A Chance Meeting 
After accepting Ayumi's death, Yū goes to school for the first time in a long time and feels relieved that school life has not changed much from before. At that moment, Yū decided to go to the concert of ZHIEND with Tomori and the two of them, and on the way out of school that day, she met a foreign woman holding a white cane.

ep9 A World That Does Not Exist Here 
Yū and Tomori both went to see the concert of ZHIEND. As soon as the concert started, the venue was filled with excitement, and at that moment an incredible feeling arose in Yū's heart ......

ep10 Plunder 
Yū's brother, Shunsuke, who has the ability to jump through time, loses his eyesight and can no longer use his ability during his constant use of this ability, and Yū sets out to save Ayumi instead of his brother.

ep11 Charlotte 
In front of Yū Etsaka, who had successfully rescued Ayumi, Kumagami and Medoki appeared. In the research facility where they were taken, Yū learned the reason for the occurrence of the special ability. After that Kumagami got the information of the new ability person and went to Hoshinoumi Academy, but ......

ep12 Promise 
Tomori is among those who come to visit Yū, who has been hospitalized due to an injury. During the conversation with Tomori, Yū makes a decision.

ep13 Memories to Come 
The decision that Yū made was to take away the abilities of all the special ability people on Earth. That was the choice to save all of the ability holders. But that was also the choice that made Yū pay a huge price.

Brief description

The main character, Yū Otosaka, is a not-so-ordinary high school student who has the ability to possess another person for five seconds. Using this ability, Yū Otosaka is a great success in the school. He has become the legendary "god of learning" of his generation by possessing other people's bodies during exams and obtaining the answers to the exams, thus repeatedly winning first place overall in the school. In addition, Yū Otosaka uses this "possession" power to gain the affection of the girl he has always wanted. Just when he is having a good time in love and career, he is suddenly named by the student council. The student president accuses him of cheating on his exams and asks him to retake the exam to prove his innocence. When Yū Otosaka is at his wits' end, he decides to possess the student president to get the answers to the exam. At the end of his possession, a young girl suddenly appears out of nowhere next to him, claiming to be Nao Tomori, the student president of Hoshinoumi Academy, who tells Yū Otosaka that he was a "superpower" who briefly possessed special abilities as a student. "superpowered person". Such transient superpowers can be topped by some mad scientists for human experiments, so such students need to be protected. Therefore, Nao Tomori invited Yū Otosaka to join the student council of Hoshinoumi Academy, which was basically composed of superpowered people, to protect other students. Yū Otosaka then transferred to Hoshinoumi Academy and joined the student council, while, to protect his family, his sister Ayumi Otosaka also transferred to this school.

With the addition of Yū Otosaka, the student council of Hoshinoumi Academy has three members: Nao Tomori (whose ability is "invisibility", i.e., the ability to disappear from a person's view), Jōjirō Takajō (whose ability is (the ability of "super speed", i.e., the ability to accelerate in an instant, but cannot control this ability well and is often injured as a result) and Yū Otosaka (the ability of "possession"). In addition, there is also a mysterious "mysterious man" who is soaked to the skin and has long hair covering his eyes (the ability to point out the location of a superpowered person and to tell the ability of that person). Since Nao Tomori mentioned that she had a brother, Yū Otosaka asked to meet her brother. Upon arriving at the hospital, Yū Otosaka discovered that her brother was a mental marketer, and Nao Tomori introduced him to her heartbreaking past.

Her brother Kazuki Tomori, a former guitarist, has the superpower to make the air vibrate, but the family is too poor and the government pressure, so the two siblings are sold by their mother to scientists for research. As Nao Tomori was suspected of possessing superpowers, he was forced to undergo daily "health checks" and grew up in a false environment constructed by scientists, thus becoming less trusting of anyone. After a year, Nao Tomori escapes from the lab and meets the "only person she trusts", which leads to her entry into the Hoshinoumi Academy and the transfer of her brother, who has become mentally ill as a result of the scientists' experiments. Although her brother Kazuki Tomori receives various treatments, he is still mentally insane and cannot recover.

After gradually integrating into the student council, Yū Otosaka is given the task of protecting a "clairvoyant". The "mystery man" points out a person in a remote area who has the power of "invocation" (i.e., he can attract a spirit to possess him, but it is similar to a passive skill that he cannot control and does not know about). When they arrive, they discover that the superpowered person is the popular student singer idol, Yusa Nishimori and that the spirit attached to her is Yusa Nishimori's sister, Misa Nishimori. It is a coincidence that Misa Nishimori has the ability to "control fire", so whenever Yusa Nishimori is possessed by Misa Nishimori, she also has the ability to "control fire". With the help of the student council trio, the conflict between Yusa Nishimori and the TV station is reconciled. At the same time, Yusa Nishimori agrees to transfer to Hoshinoumi Academy and join the student council at the invitation of Nao Tomori.

After recruiting Yusa Nishimori and Misa Nishimori, the "mystery man" tells the student council about the location of a "nimble" superpower. According to Nao Tomori's investigation, this psychic is a student baseball player who is known for throwing "devil balls" that do not conform to scientific rules. To protect this student, the Hoshinoumi Academy student council challenged the baseball team (And so, the Charlotte series completed the essential Jun Maeda series of playing baseball.} With the use of various superpowers, the Hoshinoumi Academy student council defeated the baseball team and warned the star baseball player to use his powers sparingly in the future. When the student council was about to leave, Nao Tomori asked Yū Otosaka to try to possess the body of a "superpower", so Yū Otosaka possessed the body of the star baseball player.

After the baseball mission, the "mystery man" tells the student body quartet that there is a "floater" in the mountains. The four of them go to live in the mountains and prepare to "wait for the rabbit". During the camping trip, Nao Tomori tells Yū Otosaka that she and her brother are fans of the post-rock band "ZHIEND" and listen to their songs with headphones on every day. After a few days, the floating power appeared as expected, and although he refused to admit that he had superpowers, he fell into Nao Tomori's trap and was forced to use his superpowers. When he was about to use his superpowers to float away, Nao Tomori quickly instructed Yū Otosaka to use his "possession" superpowers to possess the floater, who fell from the sky and left after being warned not to use his powers at will.

After taking care of his sister, Yū Otosaka goes to school. However, in the student council, a "mysterious person" tells the group that a "crash" power is in the student dormitory, and Yū Otosaka presumes that it is his sister, Ayumi Otosaka, so the group prepares to visit Ayumi Otosaka in the student dormitory. In the end, the group decided that Nao Tomori, Yū Otosaka and Yusa Nishimori would go to the dormitory to visit Ayumi Otosaka, who was sick with a cold. The next day, Yū Otosaka was in the hospital. The next day, Yū Otosaka's condition improved, but Yū Otosaka told her not to go to school for safety reasons, but she did not heed her brother's advice and escaped from her apartment to school. In school, she was chased by a rival with a utility knife, and in a critical situation, she used her superpower "collapse", causing the whole building to collapse, and she was killed in the accident.

Yū Otosaka, who was devastated by the death of his sister, became silent and did not want to go out. In short, he lived a self-destructive life after his sister's death because he couldn't accept it and became self-absorbed. After eating all the leftover instant noodles in the house, Yū Otosaka decides to go out and becomes a real "thug" in society, robbing and bullying. He lived in cheap hotels and ate junk food every day to survive, but he always found salads that he had never ordered before on the menu. After muddling along like this day after day, Yū Otosaka meets a man in possession of drugs. He decides to take drugs to ease his inner grief, and just then, Nao Tomori appears out of nowhere to stop Yū Otosaka from continuing his downward spiral. She brought Yū Otosaka to his senses with a human correction kick. It turns out that Nao Tomori had been using her powers to follow Yū Otosaka around during his descent and indulgence. Seeing that Yū had been eating unhealthy food, she had been very considerate and had quietly brought him salads to keep him healthy, hoping that he would come back when he had had enough. When she saw that Yū Otosaka had almost fallen into drug addiction, she appeared and kicked him in the face to break his chaotic fall, and finally cheered him up with the pizza sauce omelette that Ayumi Otosaka had been making before she died.

After finally pulling himself together, Yū Otosaka resumes his school life. After a day of classes, he accidentally met Sara Shane, the blind lead singer of ZHIEND, who came to perform at a concert, and after introducing her to her city, Sara agreed to grant Yū Otosaka a request, and Yū Otosaka thought of Kazuki Tomori, Nao Tomori's brother. With the help of Yū Otosaka and Sara Shane, Kazuki Tomori began to recover and was able to recognize Nao Tomori. However, Nao Tomori is surprisingly indifferent and emotionless to Yū Otosaka for acting so thoughtfully.

The next day, Nao Tomori invited Yū Otosaka to see the ZHIEND concert with her and inadvertently asked for a "couple's" phone case. During the concert, the audience was very enthusiastic, but the songs seemed to make Yū Otosaka think of something, and Yū Otosaka entered the world of dreams and reality.

In that world, Yū Otosaka and his sister Ayumi Otosaka are in an experimental facility, and Yū Otosaka's best friend Kumagami tells him the location of the "Demolition" powers. Just after Yū Otosaka returns to his room, he suddenly feels the whole building shake, and it turns out that Ayumi Otosaka's superpower "Collapse" has been triggered by the scientists' means. In the nick of time, Yū Otosaka is saved by a scientist. He then found the "Blast" ability and successfully possessed it. At this point, we learn that Yū Otosaka's superpower is not "possession" but "plunder" (i.e., he acquires the superpower of the other person by possessing them for five seconds). Eventually, with the various superpowers he had plundered, he met Kazuki Tomori, his brother, who was imprisoned in the deepest part of the base and had the ability to "travel through time" (which can only be used when the holder's eyes see light). Otosaka helps his brother remove the blindfold and escape from the facility. After a brief negotiation, Kazuki Tomori understands the critical nature of the situation and uses his superpowers to go back in time.

--This is the end of the world that seems to be a dream world.

Yū Otosaka suddenly wakes up and finds himself in a hospital bed with Nao Tomori sitting next to him, when Kumagami suddenly appears and turns out to be the "mysterious man" who is passing on information about the superhuman. When Kumagami mentions that Yū Otosaka is Kazuki Tomori's brother, Nao Tomori looks surprised and tells Yū Otosaka that his brother Kazuki Tomori is the "only one she trusts". The three of them decided to go together to meet Kazuki Tomori.

After the meeting, Yū Otosaka is told that the source of his powers is a comet named "Charlotte", and that such powers will disappear at the end of puberty. Afterwards, they meet Kazuki Tomori, who is blind, and tells Yū Otosaka that he has the most powerful superpower, "Plunder", and asks him to use his "Plunder" superpower to gain his own "Yū Otosaka agrees. At the same time, Kazuki Tomori tells Yū Otosaka the reason for his blindness.

In a previous alternate timeline, he was imprisoned in a research facility for scientists along with Yū Otosaka, Ayumi Otosaka, and other abilities. He was detained due to the special nature of his powers. With the help of Yū Otosaka and the others, he regains his freedom and uses his ability to "time travel" to change the world. After numerous failed attempts, he succeeded in protecting the power users by establishing the Star Ocean Academy at the cost of losing his eyesight (the side effect of the "time travel" ability is that his eyesight decreases with each use, and he eventually becomes blind and can no longer use his ability).

After learning all this, Yū Otosaka uses his superpowers to plunder his brother's ability to travel through time and unleash it to travel to the time before Ayumi Otosaka's death. This time, when the student council pointed out that there was a "broken" superpower in the dormitory, he took the initiative to invite Nao Tomori to visit with him. After the visit, Yū Otosaka told Nao Tomori that he had travelled from the future and that Nao Tomori had been kind to him, and that Nao Tomori had shown unconditional trust in Yū Otosaka. After sending Nao Tomori away, Yū Otosaka uses his "Plunder" ability to obtain his sister's "Disintegration" ability and in the following scenario uses force to intimidate his sister's love interest who is holding a paper cutter.

After saving his sister and returning to the base, Yū Otosaka is told not to leave the base because Kazuki Tomori wants to protect his brother and sister. However, the overseas terrorist forces kidnapped Nao Tomori and Kumagami to get Yū Otosaka and said that they needed Yū Otosaka to go alone, or else they would "rip off" him. Although Yū Otosaka plans to use his time travel ability to escape at the critical moment, his right eye is blinded by a surprise attack from an enemy power user, making it impossible to activate his time jumping ability (the condition for activation is that both eyes see light at the same time). In the nick of time, Yū Otosaka passively unleashes his collapse ability, destroying the entire building. Although the collapse ability solved all the enemies but led to the death of Kumagami, Kumagami when Nao Tomori was about to be pierced by the steel bar, using his body to block the steel bar, saving Nao Tomori, he was killed.

After things settled down, Yū Otosaka took Nao Tomori's advice and decided to set out to plunder the abilities of all the Abilities in the world, thereby saving the Abilities and confessing his love to Nao Tomori. He told Kazuki Tomori about his plan and entrusted the local Ability Users to Kazuki Tomori's organization. As the first step of the plan, Yū Otosaka plundered all the abilities of his friends around him. Before his departure, Yū Otosaka and Nao Tomori exchanged items: Nao Tomori gave Yū Otosaka a notebook of English words, while Yū Otosaka returned the player Nao Tomori had given him earlier to Nao Tomori for safekeeping. Subsequently, Yū Otosaka left for overseas alone.

Yū Otosaka travels around the world, capturing superpowers and getting stronger as he continues to figure out what to do, and is known as the "one-eyed Shinigami". At one point, he collapsed due to excessive superpowers, overuse of his powers, and the emptiness and numbness of a long journey day after day, and his brain was overloaded and he forgot who commissioned him and what he was doing in the first place. The only thing he remembers is that he made an appointment with someone to take over the world's powers and return, so he insists as much as possible on not killing innocent people or abusing his powers (although he slaughtered an entire town in his dream). The only thing he carried with him was this book of words. After plundering the last of the supernaturals in Beijing (whose power was "courage"), Yū Otosaka boarded a helicopter sent by his brother and returned home.

After waking up in the hospital, Nao Tomori is welcomed back with tears, but Yū Otosaka has forgotten who Nao Tomori is. When faced with Yū Otosaka, who had suffered from significant amnesia, Nao Tomori said, "You are my lover". From now on, the student council does not need to deal with superpowers, and Nao Tomori's camera no longer needs to record unhappy events, but can instead record the happy scenes of her friends' lives. [4]

Related Songs

Opening Theme(OP)

  • Bravely You(ep 1~9,12~13, OVA)
    • Lyrics・Composer: Jun Maeda
    • Singer: Lia

Ending Songs(ED)

  • 楽園まで(ep 3~4)
    • Lyrics・Composer: Jun Maeda
    • Arranger: Takeshita Tomohiro
    • Singer: Yusa Nishimori(CV.Maaya Uchida)
  • 君の文字(ep 13)
    • Lyrics・Composer: Jun Maeda
    • Arranger: ANANT-GARDE EYES
    • Singer: Anri Kumaki


  • Feverish Days[5](ep 8)
    • Lyrics・Composer: Jun Maeda
    • Arranger: Takeshita Tomohiro
    • Singer: Yusa Nishimori(CV.Maaya Uchida)
    • Band: How-Low-Hello
  • Trigger(ep 9)
    • Lyrics: Jun Maeda
    • Composer・Arranger: Hikari Shūyō
    • Singer: marina
    • Band: ZHIEND
  • Blood Colour(ep 9)
    • Lyrics: Jun Maeda
    • Composer・Arranger: Hikari Shūyō
    • Singer: marina
    • Band: ZHIEND
  • Scar on Face(ep 9)
    • Lyrics: Jun Maeda
    • Composer・Arranger: Hikari Shūyō
    • Singer: marina
    • Band: ZHIEND
  • Adore(ep 9)
    • Lyrics: Jun Maeda
    • Composer・Arranger: Hikari Shūyō
    • Singer: marina
    • Band: ZHIEND
  • Sinking Ships(ep 13)
    • Lyrics: Jun Maeda
    • Composer・Arranger: Hikari Shūyō
    • Singer: marina
    • Band: ZHIEND

CD Message

Title Cover Released date Aerotwin Songs
Bravely you/灼け落ちない翼
Charlotte OP ED.png August 26, 2015 KSLA-0103(Special edition)
KSLA-0104(Normal edition)

  1. Bravely You
  2. 灼け落ちない翼
  3. Bravely You(TV Size)
  4. 灼け落ちない翼(TV Size)
  5. Bravely You(Instrumental)
  6. 灼け落ちない翼(Instrumental)

Vocal: Lia(Bravely You),Aoi Tada(灼け落ちない翼)
Lyrics, Composer: Jun Maeda

(How-Low-Hello ED&IN)
How-Low-Hello Single.jpg September 2, 2015 KSLA-0105

  1. 楽園まで
  2. Feverish Days
  3. Not be found

Vocal: Yusa Nishimori(CV.Maaya Uchida)
Lyrics, Composer: Jun Maeda
Arranger: Takeshita Tomohiro

ZHIEND Single.jpg September 9, 2015 KSLA-0106

  1. Trigger
  2. Fallin'
  3. Let's feel Good
  4. Trigger(Japanese Ver.)
  5. Fallin'(Japanese Ver.)
  6. Let's feel Good(Japanese Ver.)

Vocal: marina
Lyrics, Music production: Jun Maeda
Composer, Arranger: Hikari Shūyō

Smells Like Tea,Espresso
(How-Low-Hello Album)
How-Low-Hello Album.jpg September 30, 2015 KSLA-0107

  1. Feverish Days
  2. Real
  3. シンガーデイズ
  4. Keep on Burnin'
  5. 走れ
  6. Dancin' on the Border
  7. 魅惑のビーム
  8. Hand with Blood
  9. 楽園まで
  10. 旅人
  11. Bravely You(How-Low-Hello Ver.)
  12. 灼け落ちない翼(How-Low-Hello Ver.)

Vocal: Yusa Nishimori(CV.Maaya Uchida)
Lyrics, Composer: Jun Maeda
Arranger: Takeshita Tomohiro

(ZHIEND Album)
ZHIEND Album.jpg October 14, 2015 KSLA-0108/9
  1. Blood Colour
  2. Scar on Face
  3. Fallin'
  4. Sinking Ships
  5. Ray of Light
  6. Heave Rain
  7. Vanishing Day
  8. Trigger
  9. Adore
  10. Clouded Sky
  11. Live for You
  12. Feedback

Vocal: marina
Lyrics, Music production: Jun Maeda
Composer, Arranger: Hikari Shūyō

Charlotte Original Soundtrack Charlotte OST.png November 4, 2015 KSLA-0110/1
  1. Bravely You
  2. 想い
  3. 団欒
  4. 悪巧み
  5. カンニング魔
  6. ミーティング
  7. インパクト
  8. 猛追
  9. 勇気
  10. 活動日誌
  11. ブレイクタイム
  12. 能力者たち
  13. 平穏
  14. ブービートラップ
  15. 愚か者たち
  16. 脱落者たち
  17. 出落ち
  18. 協力者
  19. おまじない
  20. 荒くれ者
  21. 疾駆
  22. 暗雲
  23. コントロール
  24. 終わる夢
  1. ムーブメント
  2. ハイテンション
  3. 意表
  4. 勝負
  5. すれ違い
  6. 胸騒ぎ
  7. 耳鳴り
  8. 対峙
  9. 黄昏
  10. 霧中
  11. 疑念
  12. 略奪
  13. 崩壊
  14. 春の日
  15. 不穏
  16. ループ
  17. 奇策
  18. 絶望
  19. 決意
  20. 告白
  21. 危機
  22. 死神
  23. 君の文字
  24. 灼け落ちない翼

Composer: Jun Maeda
Composer, Arranger: ANANT-GARDE EYES


Volume Cover Released date Included eps Remarks
1 Charlotte BD1.jpg September 23,2015 ep 1-2
Wide ModeShow

Play and Ruin Voice Actor Series
2 Charlotte BD2.jpg October 28, 2015 ep 3-4
3 Charlotte BD3.jpg November 25, 2015 ep 5-6
4 Charlotte BD4.jpg December 23, 2015 ep 7-8
5 Charlotte BD5.jpg January 27, 2016 ep 9-10
6 Charlotte BD6.jpg February 24, 2016 ep 11-12
7 Charlotte BD7.jpg March 30, 2016 ep 13, OVA

Derivative works


original story

Original story comic is drawn by Chibimaru and Yu Tsurusaki, it was serialised inDengeki G's Magazine from October 2015 to February 2019。

Volume Cover Released date
1 Charlotte Comic 1.jpg August 26, 2015
2 Charlotte Comic 2.jpg May 26, 2016
3 Charlotte Comic 3.jpg March 10, 2017
4 Charlotte Comic 4.jpg September 27, 2017
5 Charlotte Comic 5.jpg April 27, 2018
6 Charlotte Comic 6.jpg January 26, 2019


『Charlotte The 4koma Se ̄ Shun o Kakenukero!』[6]

The easy and cute daily four-frame serialization started by the partners of Hoshinoumi Academy! ! ! 『Charlotte The 4koma Se ̄ Shun o Kakenukero!』has been serialized since G’s コミック Vol.12 (released on March 30)! It's over now.

  • Painting: こもわた遥华
  • Original: Jun Maeda (Key)
  • Original case: Na-Ga (Key)

Volume Cover Release date
1 Charlotte 4koma 1.jpg September 25, 2015
2 Charlotte 4koma 2.jpg July 26, 2016
3 Charlotte 4koma 3.jpg May 26, 2017


Charlotte Radio ~Nao Tomori's Student Council Activity Log~ broadcasted on Niconico every Monday since July 6, 2015, the media presenter is Ayane Sakura(Nao Tomori).[7]

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