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Name DeeLA 迪拉
Age 20[1]
Height 170[1]cm
Eye Color red
Hair Color brown, red
Moe Points Pig, bracelet, jeans, collar, belt, talkaholic
From Taipei,China
Active in YouTube
Group Affiliation VOICE MITH, V-Club
related characters
V-Club:LanCee, HeiHei, DooDoo
VOICE MITH:Xia Yu Yao, Joan, Oscar, ZETA

DeeLA (迪拉) is a VTuber that has been active on YouTube on March 29, 2021.


  • Lively personality, talk more nonsense than breathing air in a day, can sing, is the noisiest member in V-Club, and DooDoo is the noisiest member [1]
  • He was originally a little pig in a fairy tale. One day, because he was walking without looking at the way, he fell into a big hole and found himself transformed into a human after waking up. [2]
  • Like desserts and junk food, hate vegetables, fruits and some amphibians that have not grown up (such as frogs and tadpoles). [2]

Vtuber activity


  • On March 25th, VOICE MITH launched a new project V-Club (full name Voicemith Vtuber Club). There are four members in this project, and DeeLA is one of them.[3]
  • Introduction video [1] was released on YouTube on March 29th.
  • The call for marshmallow questions began on April 7 and announced that he will host his first live broadcast for the first time with DooDoo on April 13th. [4]
  • On April 13, he hosted his first live broadcast with DooDoo, answering the marshmallow questions and singing songs.


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