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Name Dupu
Moe Points Mascot
From Chile

Dupu is the official mascot of Team Chile, an organization that englobes all Chilean athletes who represent Chile at a global level. He was revealed in June 23, 2020.


Dupu is a magical pudú[1] who loves sports, and is the #1 fan of Team Chile.

Since he was little, he loved to run, play and jump. His mother always told him that physical activity is very important, because it keeps the body healthy. So, he has never stopped playing sports, because he likes them all.

Dupu knows he's not the best, but he doesn't care about that. His true reward is having fun, teamwork and moving without stopping.

Dupu knows sports aren't easy. That's why he uses his magical horns to help out the athletes: the children, who are still starting out, and the already experienced ones, who sometimes struggle. If they're sad, he's confident that he can cheer them up.[2]


  1. An animal native to Chile, similar to a deer or fawn
  2. Dupu's official description

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