GG Bond: Kung Fu Pork Choppers

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'''''GG Bond: Kung Fu Pork Choppers'''''
Original Name 猪猪侠之超星五灵侠 (Zhū zhū xiá zhī chāo xīng wǔ líng xiá)
Translation Name GG Bond: Kung Fu Pork Choppers[1]
Region China
Original run August 2021-present
Episodes 104 (announced)
Studio Winsing Animation
Directed by Gu Zhibin
Written by Gu Zhibin
Voiced by Lu Shuang
Zu Qing
Liu Qingyang
Xu Jingwei
State Ongoing

GG Bond: Kung Fu Pork Choppers is an animated series created by Winsing Animation, and the seventeenth series in the GG Bond franchise.


After saving the kingdom under the sea, GG Bond and his friends received a distress signal from the Nine Stars. Although they had lost their powers, the enthusiastic pigs set sail to the strange planet full uf unknowns. After arriving, gthey saw the whole planet's surface was covered in hot magma, and that there were many magnificent and different cities floating in the sky! However, the cities are gradually losing the Five-Spirit elements that can make them float, and are facing the threat of crashing! GG Bond and the others searched for the reason behind them, and did their best to resist the evil forces of the villain, and did everything possible to save the sky cities. A new adventure to protect justice and defend the Sky Cities has begun!

Voice cast


No. # Title Airdate
1 1 "回家啦"
2 2 "武术大乱斗"
"Wushu Chaos"
3 3 "天空之城"
"The Sky City"
4 4 "神秘的元素"
"The Mystery Element"
5 5 "化险为夷"
6 6 "雷霆救援"
7 7 "龙来啦"
"The Dragon is Coming"
8 8 "未来城"
"The Future City"
9 9 "博洛特登场"
10 10 "落城"
11 11 "超能力回归!"
"Super Powers Are Back!"
12 12 "小东西"
"Little Things"
13 13 "小震动,大风险"
14 14 "大小很重要"
"Size Matters"
15 15 "疯狂的石头"
16 16 "悬岩摇滚"
17 17 "微光城"
"Glimmering City"
18 18 "遇上卡纳基"
19 19 "难以置信"
20 20 "沼泽危机"
"Swamp Crisis"
21 21 "冲上云霄"
"Rush to the Sky"
22 22 "火车大劫案"
"Robbery on the Train"
23 23 "丛林王"
"King of the Jungle"
24 24 "科诺的愤怒"
"Wrath of Kenuo"
25 25 "迷雾从哪来"
"Where the Mist Comes From"
26 26 "战斗吧猪猪们"
"Fight On, Pigs"