Green Dam Girl

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Name Green Dam Girl
Birthday June 11
Horoscope ♊Gemini
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Moe Points twintails
From China
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Green Dam Girl (Traditional Chinese: 綠壩娘 / 綠垻娘; Simplified Chinese: 绿坝娘; Pinyin: Lǜbà Niáng; Japanese: グリーンダムたん) is the Moe anthropomorphism of content-control software Green Dam Youth Escort (綠壩·花季護航 / 绿坝·花季护航) which is developed in the People's Republic of China.


Green Dam Girl was the Chinese netizens' Moe anthropomorphic response to the release of the Chinese government-developed content control software Green Dam Youth Escort (绿坝·花季护航; Lǜbà·Huājì Hùháng). Under a directive from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) that took effect on July 1, 2009, all computers in mainland China were required to have the software pre-installed.


While there are several derivatives to the character's design, they all contain common elements: She is usually dressed in green, wearing a river crab hat and an armband with the word "discipline" in Chinese, on it, and carrying a rabbit (Green Dam mascot), a paint can and paintbrush to paint over explicit content.

The Green Dam Girl was very popular among Chinese netizens, later evolving into more fan art and a song. Some depicted her with the OS-tans, usually sexually harassing them.

About the software

The Green Dam Youth Escort software is designed to mainly filter pornography, however it has been found to filter political terms as well. After spending 41.7 million yuan ($6.1 million) on the project, the MIIT announced on May 19 that manufacturers are required to ship computers with the software "in order to build a green, healthy, and harmonious online environment, and to avoid the effects on and the poisoning of our youth’s minds by harmful information on the internet".


The software itself has many defects. To filter pornographic images, it analyzes skin-colored regions of the picture. However the software could not filter red or dark-skinned nude pictures, but was able to censor pictures of Garfield. It also introduced a security hole that internet hackers can easily exploit to steal personal information. The program itself can also be easily hacked; the master password of the MD5 checksum is in a simple text file with a .dll extension slapped on the end.

Public Response

The public responded negatively. Over 70% of users in online polls voted they have absolutely no interest in using Green Dam Youth Escort, and many said they think it will not stop minors from browsing inappropriate websites.

Government Response

On August 14, 2009. MIIT announced that manufacturers and end-users were no longer obliged to install the software, however computers in schools and public areas were still required to have the software installed.


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