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Name Ice Field Girl
Eye Color blue
Hair Color white
Moe Points
From Earth
Active in Poles, plateaus, mountains, etc.

Ice Field Girl, or Icefield Girl is the moe anthropomorphic character of ice field.


Ice Field Girl is a girl with white hair, blue eyes and white clothes. She is in charge of all ice-filled places in the world, including the Arctic, Antarctic, and mountain plateaus.

On the surface, Ice Field Girl looks very cute. However, Ice Field Girl is a very fearful girl. She never opens her heart to others, and always tries to keep people away from thousands of miles away. Especially among the many plant girls, only a few can; only polar bears, penguin girl and a few small animals and animal girls can get close to her. Antarctica Girl, Ice Girl, Snow Girl, and Yuki-onna are the representative figures among them.