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Real Name Korone Pochi (ころねぽち)
Nicknames Pomi
Eye Color Blue eyes
Hair Color Pink hair
Moe Points genki
Height 100cm
Birthday August 31
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Activity Info
Language Japanese
Scope of Activities Logo youtube.png / Bilibili Logo Blue.svg / Template:NiconicoLink
Emoji 🧀🐭
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lang-ja: [ #3]
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Livestream: [ #生poch]
fanart: [ #画poch]
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Character Designer 上倉エク
Live2D Modeler もちはむ
3D Modeler 春日部つくし

Korone Pochi (Japanese: ころねぽち) is an independent VSinger, who started her activities on September 2, 2018, and posted her first video on Bilibili on March 6, 2019.


Her illustrating and singing are in full power, a veteran mouse with a rolled-up head.

Loves singing, cooking, curry, peaches and Chinese food.


August 24She first appeared in the online event "VTuber Oshaberi Fes 2019".
December15She voiced Marie Android in the anime Otona no Mari-chan.
May 16She appeared at the fan event "Net Oshaberi Fes (α)".
June27She debuted her 3D model. She uploaded her personal website.
January 17She participated in the CD "BOTCHI BOX vol.1", the recorded track is "ぼくも傘がない".
April11She appeared at the online event "VTu"Bar"~Sapporo Rog-inn VTuber~".
February19She participated in the read-aloud poetry competition "Virtual Sheep".