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Birthday January 15
Horoscope Capricorn
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From Japan
Active in Whole World
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Hatsune Miku, etc.

LOLA is one of the first VOCALOID products, and it is on sale at the same time as LEON, with no character design. LEON and LOLA are the first VOCALOID products. It can be said that LEON and LOLA opened the era of VOCALOID. Although LOLA's popularity is bleak and has been gradually forgotten, no matter what, LOLA is the "first".

LOLA is the world's first VOCALOID product developed and produced by the old British music software company ZERO-G Limited. It was sold together with LEON (also developed and produced by ZERO-G Limited) on the NAMM Show 2004 Winter from January 15th to 18th, 2004. (NAMM Show is an annual musical instrument product exhibition held in California, USA, one of the largest musical instrument product exhibitions). It has been discontinued.

Basic information

Name: LOLA

  • English female voice products.
  • The first VOCALOID products are on sale at the same time as LEON.
  • Vocaloid products without characters.
  • Be directed to SOUL VOCALIST.
  • The production company is ZERO-G Limited.
  • Use VOCALOID1.
  • Release date: NAMM Show 2004 Winter (January 15-18, 2004)