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Lunaria 封面.jpg
Sung by Duo Qian
Lyrics by Mengqin Zhongjie Zhe
Composed by arabesque Choche (LUNARIA)

Lunaria is a character song of Luo Ji × Zhuang Yan from the animation Mine Threebody Animation adapted from the science fiction novel The Three-Body Problem. It is sung by Duo Qian.


Lunaria is a Chinese cover song sung by Duo Qian. The original song is LUNARIA sung by Chouchou.

This song was uploaded to QQ Music, 5sing and music163 by Dou Qian on December 29, 2017, and was uploaded to acfun and bilibili by Shenyou Bafang on January 20, 2018.


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点亮烛芯 轻声许愿
Light the candle wick and make a wish
像童话里 卖火柴的女孩
Like the girl who sold matches in the fairy tale
想象尽头 微笑的你
At the end of your imagination, smiling you
So far away

轻盈的梦 别 轻声碎裂
Light dreams, don't break them softly
啊 壁炉的火光 越过现实在明灭间
Ah, the light of the fireplace, the light of reality

塑造完美 的艺术品
A perfect work of art
却发现 你是真实的生命
Only to find that you are real life
The luck of being able to love becomes
The luck of being able to love becomes the destiny of falling in love

凝视的眼 别 垂下泪水
Eyes that stare, don't shed tears
啊 向你承认平凡 却对宇宙妄言
Ah, to admit to you that you are ordinary, but to say to the universe

Even if a stubborn stone grows into grass
And the leaves become a phoenix
"I love you" is the moonlight that never changes
“我爱你”是 不变月光
"I love you" is the moonlight that never changes

Even if you are not with me
Please be happy and joyful
Even if there are lies in our love
I'm willing to do it

世界太大 啊 我们太傻
The world is too big Ah, we are too stupid
啊 共处的时光 究竟是枷锁还是嘉奖
Ah, is the time we spend together a shackle or a prize?

Cut the tangled threads of our bodies
To mend this hopeless world for you
Waiting for the snowy night after the end
We'll see each other again

轻盈的梦 别 轻声碎裂
Light dreams, don't break them softly
啊 眨眼的星光 越过现实在明灭间
Ah, the blinking starlight, passing through reality in the brightness

Struggling in front of the wall
The end still cannot escape the painting
Withered people and flowers
在宇宙中 丝毫无差
In the universe, there is no difference at all

The crowd shouts or sings
I shake my head and say it's okay
回忆 你笑起来的模样
Memories of the way you smile
I close my eyes
I think of
A touch of moonlight

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