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VOCALOID3 maika official by noririn hayashi-d6lw0v9.png
Eye Color red
Hair Color White, with red tips at the end of the hair
Moe Points singer
From Spain
Group Affiliation VOCALOID3
Related Characters
Bruno, Clara

MAIKA is a Spanish VOCALOID3 voicebank developed by Voctro Labs in Spain.


MAIKA is the third Spanish sound library of VOCALOID3. Unlike the previous Clara and Bruno, she can sing in six languages (Spanish, Portuguese, English, Japanese, Catalan, Italian), known as the "World Diva".

Voctro Labs also has a sound bank called ONA, dubbed by the same person.

Recommended range is E2~D4, good rhythm is 60-150BPM.

Character Design

The designer is Spanish NORIKO HAYASHI, and the character design is in Japanese anime style. The character design of the voicebank is deeply influenced by the Japanese style. The prototype of the character is a squid, and the name and hair are related to the squid.

MAIKA's hair is white and red, and the downward spiral hair is very similar to the pendant on the belt. The long sideburns of MAIKA have become a big challenge for cosplayers. This hair volume is unscientific!There is a cute robot next to her.

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