Manee Rakphaothai

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มานีManee มานีManee มีhave ตาeyes
— Mana Manee Piti Chujai, first lesson
Image-D1B8 52A7C8FD.jpg
Illustration by Ohm Rachawet
Name มานี รักเผ่าไทย
(Manee Rakphaothai)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Moe Points Loli, younger sister, bow, flip flops, Thai school uniform, primary school student
From Thailand
Active in Thailand and the world
Related Characters
Brother: Mana Rakphaothai
Friends: Piti, Chujai, Weera
Pet: To (dog)

Manee Rakphaothai (Thai: มานี รักเผ่าไทย) is one of the characters in Mana Manee Piti Chujai, the Thai textbooks.

Character image

  • Twintails with blue bows.
  • Clothing is a pink square collar vest with blue lattice sarong, wearing flip flops.
  • Kept a dog called "To" (โต).
  • Like small animals very much.