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Mayuri Logo.png
Fans of Mayuri of all lands, unite!
Protect Mayuri, who was born for love but abandoned by the creators! Keep Mayuri holy, happy and lovely!
Idiot. I was born from everyone's Spirit power. Of course I don't hate you.馬鹿、私は皆の霊力から生まれたんだよ、あんたの事 嫌いな訳無いじゃ。
From the time I was I born, I loved you.生まれた時から、愛してだ。
Sailor uniformOriginal form
Korea clothes[2]
万由里 朝鲜服.png
Chibi form
万由里 Q版.png
Origin Name 万由里まゆり
Other Names <Judgement>, 마유리Mayuri (official transliteration)/만유리Man-yu-ri (free translation)
Height 154
Weight 36kg
Eye Color pink
Hair Color gold
BWH 80.4\63.7\89.8[3]
CV Sora Amamiya
Moe Points Holy Angels / Cherubim, Yamato nadeshiko, Blond long straight hair, side ponytail, White hair accessories[4], Earrings, Akkarin, Sailor uniform, Pink Handbag and pendants, Black silk stockings, over-knee socks, Absolute Terror Field, wings, navel exposed Astral Dress, secretly jealous, ruthless judgement machine, underdog
Birthplace Tengū City (天宮市てんぐうし)
Scope of activities Tengū City
Status In the movie: Spoiler: Disappeared.
In the mobile game: she's still observing whether the player is qualified as a Spirit Power container, players can make a daily dating and mainline dating with her.
relative characters
Shido Itsuka

Mayuri (万由里まゆり) is an exclusive character appearing in Date A Live Movie: Mayuri Judgement and related light novels. Her real identity is to confirm whether Shido is qualified as a spiritual container.

Character Design

Human Form

A young, beautiful girl with long blond straight hair, a side ponytail and pink eyes.

Spirit Form

万由里 灵装 四翼展开.png

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