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君の指先で舞っている電光は、僕の今生に変わらない信仰!The electric sparkle glittering on your fingertips is my rock solid faith for life!
Name 御坂みさか美琴みこと
(Misaka Mikoto)
Other Names Railgun
Sister Railgun
Biri-biri (ビリビリ) (by Touma)
Onē-sama (by Kuroko and Sisters)
The Ace of Tokiwadai
Birthday May 2
Horoscope ♉Taurus
Age 14
Height 161cm
Weight 45kg
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Character Voicing Rina Satou (Japanese)
Brittney Marie Karbowski (English)
Moe Points Tsundere
Active in Academy City
Group Affiliation Tokiwadai Middle School, Kamijou Force
Related Characters
Father: Tabikake Misaka
Mother: Misuzu Misaka
Sisters: Misaka Sisters
Friends: Kuroko Shirai, Kazari Uiharu, Ruiko Saten
Love Interest: Touma Kamijou
Rival/Partner: Misaki Shokuhou

Mikoto Misaka (Japanese: 御坂みさか美琴みこと) is a character in the light novel series A Certain Magical Index and the manga A Certain Scientific Railgun.

Info from the library of Academy City

Info from the library of Academy City
Category of Info Esper
Ability Electro Master
Level Level 5
Skills Lightning Strike
Skills Railgun
Skills Lightning Attack Spear
Skills Iron Sand Sword
Category of Info Student
School Tokiwadai Middle School in District 7
Grade 2
Live in No 208, Student Dorm,Tokiwadai Middle School, District 7
Category of Info Projects
Radio Noise Origin
Level 6 Shift Origin
Second Level 6 Shift Subject

Basic Information

Mikoto Misaka is one of the main heroines in A Certain Magical Index series and the protagonist of her side story, A Certain Scientific Railgun. A psychic user of Academy City, her powers are ranked Level 5, the highest rank for the most powerful psychic users, and she ranks as third-strongest out of the seven people who hold this rank in Academy City.

She attends Tokiwadai Middle School, a famous girls' school for the rich and elite psychics and one of the five elite schools of Academy City. To most people, she is considered a proper lady, but in reality, she has a short-tempered, prideful, and improper attitude with some tomboyish tendencies and insecurities, a fact few other characters know. She is fond of cute, childish things, such as flowery pajamas and Gekota, the popular frog mascot franchise. She has a strong sense of morals and hates injustice, contrary to what she claims. Her power is to generate electricity; she is powerful enough to cause a blackout in the city, make instant railguns by using coins as projectiles, and use electricity to magnetically attract iron particles around her into a chain-sword whip. She can also manipulate electrical objects such as networks and security systems. She has a one-sided rivalry with Touma, who nicknames her "Biribiri" (ビリビリ, relating to the sound of an electric shock), ever since their first meeting before the events of the first novel when he first dissipated her electricity. She is also called Onee-sama (お姉様) by Kuroko Shirai and the Misaka Sisters. Since that incident, she is always trying to have a proper match with Touma and defeat him despite his many attempts to avoid conflict with her.


Mikoto is the daughter of Tabigake Misaka and Misuzu Misaka. At a young age, she was discovered to be a Level 1 Electromaster (電撃使いエレクトロマスター). She entered Academy City when she was young in order to train her powers. She worked very hard until her powers were ranked Level 5. But this was predicted when she was young. This made her a perfect candidate for the Radio Noise Project. Mikoto willingly gave a DNA sample to the researchers of the project after being told that it would help people who suffer from muscular dystrophy.


  • Railgun (超電磁砲レールガン)
  • Lightning Attack Spear (雷撃の槍)
  • Lightning Strike (落雷)
  • Iron Sand Sword (砂鉄の剣)