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Qi Inory
Chinese Stage name 祈Inory
Birth 11th,Feb.
Status Active
Active Time 2006~
bilibili Bilibili space
5sing 5sing Page
Company Sparkle Sound

Qi Inory is a web singer, dancer, voice actor in China, who is also the voice source of Yuezheng Ling in VOCALOID CHINA.


Qi Inory,a Cover Singer. Now a member of Sparkle Sound . The voice is sweet, easy to recognize, and the treble is transparent; The voice of damsel full of energy. His music works are mainly composed of anime songs and fandom originals.His music works are mainly composed of cover the anime and fandom origin songs.In recent years, he has sung theme songs for many animations and games.Now active in video-platform bilibili,Acfun,5sing,NeteaseMusic and other music station.


  • Graduated in Communication University of China.
  • In the early 2006, joined "Fengbei.com"Online Cover Song Event,next were widely published on multiple platforms.
  • After 2008,Participated in various Fandom Song Live.
  • From 2010 to 2012, she covered song The most dazzling Oriental wind(最炫东方风) and Do You Love Little Bear?(你爱小熊吗) became popular on the Internet, at the same time began to participate in the maked of original songs.
  • In November 2013, award the Gold in "Anime Performance Contest" held by "Tudou.com".
  • 2014
  • In March,sang the opening theme song Glimmer" for the chinese animation Nano Core, and the theme song for the love AVG game The Melody of Iris.
  • In May, won the "World kalaoke Grand World Animation Song Contest-China" Championship.
  • In June,she sang the opening theme song of the same name for the mobile game "Bloodline".
  • In July, sang the theme song Don't stay(疾行) for the mobile game Dimension School-Time Shuttle.
  • In August, sang the official Chinese theme song of the same name for the game Fantasy Frontier.
  • In November, sang the opening theme song Mistaken Destiny for the chinese animation Die Now.
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • In January,she sang the theme song The Battle of El Field(艾尔战记) for the official action mobile game of Elsword.
  • In June, pray her to sing the original theme song Deep Clear Sky(第十域晴空) for the game "D10"; sing the theme song Love,Japanese Fifty Tone(爱@五十音) of the Teaching materials "Introduction to Japanese(日语入门物语)" .
  • In July, he sang the theme song Tomi · Dream(瞳·梦) for the game Sketch of World End.
  • In December, sang the opening theme song of the same name for the animation The Soul of the Gun.