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Base Info
Moe Point Robot
Type Species class
Symbolic Characters Astro Boy
Related Moe Points nanomachine

A robot is a machine device that automatically performs work. It is also one of the moe points in ACG subculture.


The concept of robots in the world has gradually become consistent. Generally speaking, people can accept the statement that a robot is a machine that realizes various functions by its own power and control capabilities. The United Nations Organization for Standardization has adopted the definition of robots given by the American Robotics Association: "A programmable and multifunctional operating machine; or a special system that can be changed by a computer and programmable actions to perform different tasks."

WALL-E is a robot.

Robots are generally composed of actuators, driving devices, detection devices, control systems, and complex machinery.

In most sci-fi works, robots have a human appearance and even wear various armor. They are quite smart. WALL-E produced by Disney is a representative of this type of robot. There is also a mecha type. They protect humans and are controlled by humans. There are many such robots in the Mobile Suit Gundam series. The other type is moe. They don’t have prestigious equipment, cool appearance, and no various tricks. They just bring happiness to people. They are not war robots, but peaceful "humanoids"; one example is Astro Boy in the 2009 movie Astro Boy. There is also the all-rounders, like R2D2 and C3PO in Star Wars; they greatly assisted the characters, they accompanied them like partners , and then these two became the characters with the most appearances.



Robots that have a human-like appearance are called androids (male) or gynoids (female), though "android" is sometimes used for both genders.

ACG works about robots

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Characters that are robots

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