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Origin Name
Other Names Ombrage (French)
Sombría (Spanish)
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color White
CV Malvina Germain (French)
Fiona Clarke (English)
Moe Points demon

Shadofang is a character from the Krosmoz, a fictional universe created by Ankama.


Shadofang is a Shushu, originally from the Shustuft Crust.



In her first appearance, she and her family have only a minor role. They participated in an experiment organized by the twins Karibd and Silar to prove to Rushu that his demons are rusty in terms of torture.

In the year 25 (of the Age of the Dofus), her road took her to the Village of Fourlegs where she used her power to steal the shadows of the villagers and turn them into ghouls. She wanted to use them as slaves to brush her huge hair. Unfortunately for her, Armand-Louis, the village ruler was a formidable strategist, unable to overcome by force. At the time Shadofang was chasing him, his traps, scattered throughout the village, snapped to her hair. Quickly, Shadofang was completely immobilized by her hair that was tangled up everywhere.

Once Shadofang was sentenced to serve him, Armand-Louis was able to give the villagers their normal appearance. Knowing that she would only obey him, he ordered his son Isletate to put the ring in a safe place in the crypt when he died. Thus, she could not take possession of someone's body. She remained locked in her ring for many years after the death of Armand-Louis. With Shadofang being finally in contact with an organic being, she was able to take possession of her body. She then transferred into the body of a cat, then a human and finally in the body of a giant octopus. Thanks to the help of Goultard and Arty, Isletate managed to find the ring and lock her in it again. Having defeated Shadofang, Isletate officially becomes a Shushu keeper and will train his descendant to be morally strong enough to become one as well.

Wakfu Season 1

The descendants of Fourlegs did their job perfectly as Shushu keepers, Unfortunately, hundreds of years later, during the Age of Wakfu, the keeper Wagnar could not resist Shadofang, and she managed to possess him by seducing him. She did not possess Vampyro's body because she was looking for a body of a pretty woman. She wanted to apply to her victim a process that will remove the soul from her body in order to put her own. So, even if she does not find her demon body, at least she will no longer be a prisoner of the ring.

She chose Evangelyne as a host for her soul. After having captured her thanks to her ghouls, she began the magic ritual that will begin the transfer of the soul. Unfortunately for her, Yugo and his team were very tough and they managed not only to free Evangelyne but also to defeat Vampyro, who turned back into Wagnar.

Wakfu Season 2

She contacted Rushu to share her plan, but he has no confidence in her. Shadofang adds more salt to the wound by revealing to Rushu that Rubilax saved a human (Percedal), an act considered unforgivable for any Shushu. Upon learning this, Rushu orders Rubilax to relinquish command and entrust him to Shadowfang.

Finally, Shadofang's ring was left abandoned in the rubble because Wagnar didn't have time to recover the ring. Much later, a fisherman found the ring hanging on his hook, which suggests that she must have taken possession of this unfortunate man.