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Assassin of Red.png
Semiramis has super long black straight hair that exceeds her height.
Base Info
Moe Point Super long hair
Type External appearance
Symbolic Characters Laura Stuart, Hatsune Miku, Semiramis

Super long hair (スーパーロングヘアー) generally refers to hair that is longer than the waist. For some people, the length of their hair can reach past their hips, past their knees, or even to the ground. It is one of the moe points in ACG subculture.


Because the growth rate of the hair slows down after a certain length, it is difficult to keep super long hair. There are very few people who have the patience to grow super long hair. Moreover, it takes a lot of time to organize and maintain hair. In addition, super long hair is also impractical in life and work, so almost no one in real life will have super long hair.

However, due to its fantastical nature in fiction, characters with super long hair appear frequently. Some characters' hair can be longer than their height, or even several times their height.

There is no specific definition of how long hair is considered to be super long. According to most people, perhaps if the length is above the waist, it is considered too long.

Super long hair only describes the length of the hair, not the hairstyle. The specific hairstyles can be long straight hair, long curly hair, ponytail, or twintails.

Characters with this moe point