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This is a page-top or section-top template used to mark pages originally from different wiki projects.


You may simply use {{FromOther}}, but this is not recommended. Instead, you are encouraged to give credit whenever you can.

Common usage

In most cases, you can use:


You will provide the site name, a link to original page, the name of the page, and a link to a list of contributors. This particular template declares that the original page is shared under CC BY-SA 4.0. Make sure to check if the license is correct.

For works that have few contributors or no website detailing the contributors, you may use contributors instead of contribURL.

For example: If you are to reference "Earth" from English wikipedia, use

{{FromOther|site=English Wikipedia|originURL=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth|origin=Earth|copyright=cc|lsubtype=by-sa|lver=3.0|contribURL=https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Earth&action=history}}

which yields

The sect parameter

You can use |sect=sectto mark a section instead of the entire page.

{{FromOther|sect=sect|site=Chinese Moegirlpedia|originURL=https://zh.moegirl.org.cn/博丽灵梦#基本资料|origin=博丽灵梦#基本资料|copyright=cc|lsubtype=by-nc-sa|lver=3.0|contribURL=https://zh.moegirl.org.cn/index.php?title=博丽灵梦&action=history}}


The copyright parameter

Currently, the copyright parameter allows one to choose between three types of predefined license or define their own license.

  1. Creative Commons.
    • copyright=cc.
    • You will also need to provide the license subtype (e.g. "BY", "BY-NC-SA", etc.) via the lsubtype parameter and the license version via the lver parameter.
    • The template will automatically generate link to the respective CC licenses with the above provided information; do not use licenseURL.
    • Special support is made for CC0 1.0. The license subtype is zero.
    • Barebone: {{FromOther|copyright=cc|lsubtype=|lver=|contribURL=}}
  2. Public Domain.
    • copyright=pd.
    • Although it is not necessary to credit public domain material, it is a good gesture to do so.
    • Barebone: {{FromOther|copyright=pd}}
  3. Agreement.
    • copyright=agreement.
    • This applies when a copyright holder(s) agree to release their copyrighted material for use by Moegirlpedia. Credit as usual, but use licenseURL to provide a link to the text of the agreement or proof of its existence if possible.
    • Barebone: {{FromOther|copyright=agreement|contribURL=}}
  4. Other licenses.
    • Let copyright be the name of the license (e.g. copyright=the Apache License), and use licenseURL to provide a link to the text of the license. Credit the contributors as required by the license.
    • Barebone: {{FromOther|copyright=|contribURL=}}