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Template Data

<templatedata> { "params": { "image": { "description": "Name of the image only; the template will automatically process size and brackets.", "example": "X_mark.svg, info.png", "type": "wiki-file-name", "suggested": true }, "Remark": { "label": "Image remark", "description": "A comment or remark of the image above. Do not use when no image is included.", "type": "string" }, "name": { "aliases": [ "Sentence name" ], "label": "Name", "description": "Name of the idiomatic phrase. Will use Sentence/doc if not provided.", "type": "string", "default": "Sentence/doc" }, "Other statements": { "description": "other way the phrase may be stated." }, "origin": { "aliases": [ "Source" ], "label": "Origin", "description": "Origin of the phrase. Comma-separated links recommended.", "example": "Example Anime, Example Novel, thread on Reddit", "type": "string", "suggested": true }, "related": { "label": "Related articles", "description": "links to related articles. Comma-separated lists recommended. Keep it short.", "type": "string" } }, "description": "Page-top, right-floating information box for idiomatic phrases. Place before content and after all page-top templates.", "paramOrder": [ "image", "Remark", "name", "Other statements", "origin", "related" ], "format": "block" } </templatedata>

Full Syntax

|Other statements=