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Translation in progress
This template is currently being translated; it may be incomplete, inaccurate or obfuscating.
Moegirlpedia hopes that you can help with translating, proofreading, or copy editing this template.
This template was placed on POST TIME MISSING. The last edit was on 02:59, 22 July 2021 (CST).
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  • {{TRIP}}
  • {{trip}}


Previous usages has shown that this template must be written inline, with no spacing whitespace. Basically, just always copy the example below to prevent unintended results.

  • {{Translation in progress|~~~~~|(progress)|source=}}
  • {{Translation in progress|~~~~~|progress=(progress)|source=}}
  • {{Translation in progress|~~~~~|progress=(progress)|source=|type=}}
    • Use parameter 1 to notify the time the template was placed.
    • progress (or 2) should be a percentage, like 2%, 40%, 100%, etc.
    • If possible, provide a link to the orgininal text with source.
    • Use |type=sect to notify a section being translated instead of a whole page.