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This template can set the style of the automatically generated "View · Talk · Edit" in the navbox template ({{navbox}}, {{big family}}).

Installed a fix to the position of the "Quick Edit" button of the editing tool Wikiplus.


|vte= <!-- The overall style setting for the "View Talk Edit" -->
|v= <!-- Set the style of "View" -->
|t= <!-- Set the style of "Talk" -->
|e= <!-- Set the style of "Edit" -->

|tl= <!-- The content body of the navbox template -->

The default style is: background:transparent; border:none;, that is to say, when no parameters are passed in, the template will change the background of the "View Talk Edit" button to transparent.

If only the main body of the template is passed in, it can also be written like this for ease of writing:

{{VteStyle|<!-- The main content of the navbox template --> }}


Example 1

|vte= color:red;
|v= color:orange;
|t= color:blue;

|tl= {{navbox
|name = VteStyleTest
|title = big family template

|group1 = Characters on stage
|list1 = {{links|nolink=true|character one|character two|character three|character four|character five|character six}}