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Violet (紫嫣Zǐ Yān) is a Chinese virtual singer created in 2015[1] by CA Culture Technology Group, formerly known as Animate China.


A young girl from the distant dimension called Ista. She crossed the dimensional barrier to find the sound of Earth music, in order to maintain the balance of her home. She can sing and dance, is lively and cheerful, advocates for freedom, and dares to love and fight. She has a strong curiosity and an adventurous spirit, and sometimes, her more sentimental side can be seen, like a girl in the rainy season.

She started to hold concerts all over Earth, on one hand, to retrieve the happiness of the people of Earth, which had been locked away for a long time, and on the other, to find her lost memories. When the singing evokes people's good memories of the past, her memories will become a dazzling rainbow, and then, Violet will become a more complete lifeform.

Violet's name symbolizes the pursuit of "eternal beauty and love."

Violet has long, purple hair with an ahoge on top of her head. She likes to wear a babydoll dress with floral elements. When going outside, she never forgets to wear her blue petal headphones and her keyboard belt, in order to show the characteristics of a Musical Girl.[2]


Violet held her first-ever concert at the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center on February 1, 2015.[2] Much like Hatsune Miku, she was projected as a hologram onto a screen. But her movements were pretty underwhelming when compared to Miku.


  • There is a fanmade comic of her called Eternal Violet.[3]
  • She frequently appeared alongside the VOCALOID, Aoki Lapis. The reason for this is that Violet's parent company and the company behind Lapis are actually subsidiaries of the same company.[4][5]


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