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Name Wanwan (ワンワン)
Eye Color Black
CV Choo
Moe Points Dog, painter, genki
From Japan
Group Affiliation Inai Inai Baa!
Color Green (008000)
Related Characters
Wu-tan, Onee-chan, other characters on the show
I'm the always lively Wanwan~

Wanwan is a character from NHK's children's television series Inai Inai Baa!.


Wanwan made his debut on January 15, 1996. He has been in the show for 25 years. He is described as a 5-year-old, born on January 1st. He refers to himself in the third person, and his favorite food is natto. Sometimes he disguises himself as the reporter "Inuyama Wantaro" (犬山ワン太郎).

Black history setting: Originally a sheep, through Penta’s magic, it became a dog.

Wanwan appeared in the show in the form of a kigurumi (animal costume), and the man in it was Yuichi Nagashima.


  • A green-and-white dog wearing a pair of green short boots with dog footprints on the soles. When he first appeared (Kana era), he wore yellow gloves, but they were changed to white gloves in the Rina era.
  • Everything he draws on the whiteboard comes to life.
  • What he does every day is to do gymnastics with his human companion and the children.
  • He is tall, a bit taller than his onee-chan.
  • Likes to play hand puppet games. Wanwan plays two ostrich-like characters with his own hands: "Pakupaku-san" (パクパクさん, right hand) and "Pakuko" (パク子, left hand).