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Super Sea Story Warine.png
Name Warine (ワリン)
Birthday July 18
Horoscope ♋Cancer
Age 18
Height 167cm
Weight 47kg
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blue
BWH B87 W53 H88
Moe Points
Related Characters
Marine-chan, Urine, Sam

Warine is a character from Umi Monogatari, a pachinko game series developed by Sanyo Bussan Co., Ltd.


  • Age: 18
  • Birthday: July 18th
  • Height: 167cm
  • Weight: 47kg
  • Hobby: Esthetics
  • Favorite food: Croissant
  • Likes: Orcas
  • Dislikes: Starfish


She is Marine's best friend (or rival sometimes).


  • Her name was rumored to be a combination of warui (Japanese for "bad"), and Marine -- the name was jokingly suggested by a Sanyo staff member.[1] But actually, her name comes from Waring-waring, a type of plant that grows in the Philippines.[citation needed]