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Name 灰太狼Huī Tàiláng
Birthday September 26
Horoscope ♎Libra
Eye Color black
Hair Color black
CV Zhang Lin
Moe Points
Related Characters
Wife: Wolnie
Son: Wilie
Father: Hei Tailang
Grandfather: Huang Tailang
Great-great-great-great grandfather: Wu Dalang
Cousin: Darker

Wolffy is one of the main characters of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf.


He is a gray wolf with an orange hat, gray skin, a yellow hat, black eyebrows, and some light grey on his ears and the tip of his tail. He also has a scar that has been stitched up on the right side of his face, as well as a small curved notch in one of his ears.


Wu Dalang’s 250th generation descendants, because they heard about the Legend of Hungry Wolf, Wolffy and his wife Wolnie came to Green Green Grassland according to the address given in the “Legend of Hungry Wolf”. Be prepared to test it out.


Wolffy is smart (especially in the field of mechanics) and somewhat cunning, despite his clumsiness. This can be seen multiple times where he has created various inventions, including traps and vehicles. He has also been able to trick the goats on occasion, despite not being successful most of the time in the end.

As a wolf attempting to catch goats, Wolffy is very, very determined, despite failing nearly every time and risking a hit from his wife when he fails. However, as a husband and a friend, Wolffy is kind-hearted, if not a little clumsy, but had always meant well for those he cares about. He also strives to be a good example to Wilie, his son, despite others thinking that he is worthless as a wolf.



When Wolffy was young, he and his friends participated in the selection banquet held by Wolnie’s family. During the period, Wolffy and his friends performed on stage. He saw the food on the spot and his index fingers moved. As a result, they were stopped by their friends because of the impulse to jump on the food.

Wolffy was hungry because of the wind and snow outside. When he saw Wolnie through the window of the cafeteria, he secretly sighed, “If I can marry this beauty as a wife, even if I suffer from her saucepan all my life, I would be willing!” . At this time, Wolnie’s family announced that as long as anyone can eat Wolnie’s “special egg fried rice”, he can marry Red Wolf. In the end, the unknowing Wolffy entered the house again and found the special egg fried rice that had been shelved. He ate the entire plate of egg fried rice in an instant because he was too hungry. Unexpectedly, he got the nod to marry Wolnie. Wolnie cried on the spot after witnessing this scene and began to hit Wolffy in public at the wedding.

Later, the little werewolf Taotao returned to the past and gave the old Wolffy a delicious meal, which caused history to be tampered with, and Wolnie finally married Xiao Bailang. Wolffy and Weslie in the current time and space returned to the past, and after a hard work, they finally met Wolffy and Wolnie in the past time and space, and finally spurred the two to cultivate a positive result again. And the two embarrassed in the wedding photos also became affectionate.

Before Paddi the Amazing Chef

He always wanted to catch the goat but always failed.

Paddi the Amazing Chef

He met and saved Aunt Merry when he was once catching the goats, and Aunt Merry treated him as a hero and live in his castle.

Meet the Pegasus

He tried to change the ending of the fairy tale.

Love You Babe

He accidentally made Wolnie amnesia when he was once catching the goats, and he tries hard to make her restore her memory.

Mighty Little Defenders

General Wolf revoked his identity of the wolf, and he accidentally became a dog by General Wolf’s chip. He became an undercover besides the goats. In the journey, he and Weslie became friends. In the end, the wolf and goats are in peace.

Against the Dark Force

He and Paddi awaked their catified partners.


With Wolnie

Wolffy and Wolnie first met when Wolffy ate the fried rice that she made (which supposedly tasted horrible, but Wolffy liked it), and got married straight after. Despite the abuse that he handles against her, he very much loves her. So much that he continuously tries to capture the goats, even if he fails most of the time. Wolffy also calls his wife affectionately with multiple names, such as Wifey (roughly translated) and Little Red in newer seasons. Wolnie is also shown that while she gets exasperated with his behavior, she also loves him in return.

With Wilie

Wilie looks up to his father and as such, Wolffy tries his best to teach him the proper ways of a wolf. He was also somewhat lenient with Wilie becoming friends with the goats, yet still tries to teach him how to catch them anyway. Wolffy is also especially protective of his son and tries to help him in any way he can, even when he was turned into a dog.

With other wolves

The other wolves are shown to not really respect Wolffy in any way and even bullied him as a child. However, his relationships with the Seven Wolf Brothers seem alright, as he had helped them in various ways when he was younger.

With the goats

Wolffy is the goats’ primary enemy, who tries and fails multiple times to capture and eat them. Most of the time, Wolffy is against the goats for this reason.

However in the newer seasons, when he became friends with the goats, Wolffy is shown to greatly care about them and goes through great lengths to try to save them when they’re in danger. This applies quite strongly to Weslie in particular, as the former took care of him when he was a dog. He also tries to save Weslie when they were trapped in the dream world during Mighty Little Defenders, even after being heavily injured.