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Alan Tracy 1965.jpg
Name Alan Shepard Tracy
Birthday March 12
Horoscope ♓Pisces
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond
Character Voicing English: Matt Zimmerman
Japanese: Tomoki Kenmochi
Moe Points little brother, astronaut, blue-eyed blond
From Tracy Island
Group Affiliation International Rescue

Alan Tracy is a character in the TV series Thunderbirds created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.


The youngest of the Tracy brothers. Astronaut, pilot of Thunderbird 3, specializing in space rescue missions. He used to be a racecar driver before being an agent of International Rescue. He seems to have a crush on Kyrano's daughter Tin-Tin.

In "Day of Disaster", he accidentally ate Grandma Tracy's transmitter while on his lunch.

In "Sun Probe", he and Scott had to rescue a spaceship heading towards the sun.

In "Move And You're Dead", he decided to return to motor racing. He met his old racing rival, who appeared friendly, but in reality, he wanted to sabotage Alan and prevent him from winning the race. Alan later won the race, but then, while taking Grandma Tracy to the base, the rival set him a trap: they were forced to stay on the San Miguel Bridge, and were not allowed to move, or else, the bomb between them would be trigger a bomb, which would explode.

In "The Cham-Cham", he and John were listening to a new song, but then Alan found out the song was dangerous.

In "Ricochet", he had to save the host of a pirate broadcasting station.


  • He is named after the astronaut Alan Shepard.