All-New Jackie Chan Adventures

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All-New Jackie Chan Adventures
All-New Jackie Chan Adventures.jpg
Original Name 新成龙历险记
Translation Name All-New Jackie Chan Adventures
J-Team: All-New Jackie Chan Adventures
Region China
Original run August 14, 2017-TBA
Episodes 52
Studio Zhejiang Talent Television & Film
Khorgas JJ Culture Media Co., Ltd.
VJ Animation Studio

All-New Jackie Chan Adventures (新成龙历险记, Xīn chéng lóng lì xiǎn jì) is a 2017 Chinese animated series.




  • Jackie (杰克, Jiékè): The main character and leader of the J-Team.
  • May (小美, Xiǎo Měi)
  • Duangduang (铛铛, Dāng Dāng): Originally an alpaca pendant hanging on Jackie's backpack, she becomes a real alpaca in the Dream World.


  • Professor Chaos (乱来教授): A scientist who was trapped in the Dream World.