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Belvision logo.png
Company name Belvision
Also known as Les Studios Belvision
Founded 1955
Headquarters Belgium
Parent Dupuis
Main works Hergé's Adventures of Tintin
Founder Raymond Leblanc

Belvision is a Belgian animation production company.


The studio was founded in 1955 by Raymond Leblanc, then editor of the Journal de Tintin. They are best known for their adaptations of popular Belgian comic series such as Lucky Luke (by Morris), the Smurfs (by Peyo), and Tintin (by Hergé).


TV series

Name Year Notes
Hergé's Adventures of Tintin 1959
Yakari 2005 Coproduction with Storimages, 2 Minutes, and RTBF
Spirou & Fantasio 2006 Coproduction with Dupuis Audiovisuel, Dreamwall, Araneo, and RTBF
Little Spirou 2012 Coproduction with Dupuis Audiovisuel, Araneo, Luxanimation and RTBF
Kid Lucky 2014 Coproduction with Dargaud Media and Ellipsanime
Billy & Buddy 2015 Coproduction with Ellipsanime
Little Furry 2017 Coproduction with Dupuis Audiovisuel, Dargaud Media, RTBF, and Piwi+

Animated films

Name Year Notes
Pinocchio in Outer Space 1965 Coproduction with American company Swallow Films
Asterix the Gaul 1967 Coproduction with Dargaud Media
Asterix and Cleopatra 1968 Coproduction with Dargaud Films and Edifilm
Tintin and the Temple of the Sun 1969
Lucky Luke (Daisy Town) 1971 Coproduction with Dargaud Films
Tintin and the Lake of Sharks 1972
The Twelve Tasks of Asterix 1972
Gulliver's Travels 1977
Wolfy, The Incredible Secret 2013 Based on characters created by Grégoire Solotareff
Coproduction with France 3 Cinema, Prima Linea Productions, and RTBF
Asterix and the Mansions of the Gods 2014 Coproduction with M6 Studio
Zombillénium 2017 Based on the graphic novel series Zombillénium by Arthur de Pins
Coproduction with Maybe Movies
Yakari: A Spectacular Journey 2020 Based on the comic strip Yakari by Derib and Job
Coproduction with Dargaud Media and Constantin Films


Name Year Notes
I, Tintin 1971

Animated shorts

Name Year Notes
Spaghetti 1965 Based on the comic Spaghetti by Dino Attanasio and René Goscinny
Oumpah-pah 1965 Based on the comic Oumpah-pah le peau rouge by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo
Tintin et la SGM 1969 Promotional short for the Societé Générale des Minerais

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