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fripSide's 9th single "Luminize" BK demo
Basic Infomation
Item name Booklet
Item alias BK, Scans
Type of item data
Use of item Check lyrics, read
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Booklet (Chinese: 小册子, Japanese: 冊子/ブックレット, be called for short BK), refers to the small paper book that comes with goods such as music CDs. In music CDs, brochures are usually composed of lyrics and photos, also known as lyric books.


The booklet attached to a music CD often records detailed information such as the songwriter, lyrics, and staff of the songs included in the album.

A lyric book usually has a cover and a back cover, and the content includes song information such as lyrics and several illustrations.

In CD resources on the Internet, brochures usually appear in the form of scans. The best scans include the lyrics and the album cover, back cover, side cover, and CD surface, and other visual information. In many cases, brochures are also used to refer to all these scans.

  • If the title of a resource post has "BK" or a letter indicating the image format, it usually means that the resource contains this. But there are also some clickbait just write BK in the title only with a cover


In addition to being used by basic songwriters, it is mainly used to check accurate official lyrics. The booklet will record the accurate writing of the lyrics, including whether to use kanji or hiragana for a word, writing oo but reading xx, punctuation, typesetting, etc. These are generally not known by dictation.

The reason why the writer uses a certain style of writing or symbols always has a certain meaning, so the lyrics should be based on BK.

So don't think that "music software obviously has lyrics and what else do you do with this", but there are correct lyrics on it.

Example of restoring BK song entry