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Chara is a Hidden Characther at the Undertale.

Origin Name Chara
Other Names
Eye Color red
Hair Color Brown
Moe Points


Chara ,s the first human to fall into the Underground. Chara is also the fallen human that the player names at the startmrmu of the game it just appeard in the rnd of Genocide Route.


While initially cast in a sympathetic light, Asriel admits at the end of the True Pacifist Route that Chara "...wasn't really the greatest person." Asriel states that Chara climbed Mount Ebott for an unhappy reason, and adds that Chara "hated humanity".

At the end of the Genocide Route, Chara behaves in a polite, deliberate manner, thanking the protagonist for guiding them, and teaching them that power was the reason they awoke. They tell them that their determination woke them from death when entering the Underground. However, if the protagonist refuses to destroy the world, Chara becomes frustrated and confused, wonders what the player wants instead, and then finally gives in to the frustration, erasing the world anyway.<ref>From that is same Copyrights(cc-by-sa)Cite error: The opening <ref> tag is malformed or has a bad name == After completing the Genocide Route a second time, Chara takes on the description of "the demon that comes when people call its name." Chara blames the player for destroying and recreating the world because of their perverted sentimentality, explains that the SOUL they currently hold resonates with strange feelings that they can no longer understand, and suggests that a better path should be taken should the world be recreated once more. Chara gives the protagonist the "choice" to erase the world again.

If the protagonist chooses "ERASE," Chara once again calls the protagonist "a great partner," saying they will be together forever. Choosing "DO NOT" causes Chara to tell the protagonist that these feelings were exactly what they were just talking about. Chara then reminds the protagonist they made their choice a long time ago, causing another jump scare, as the world is destroyed again. However, when the game is rebooted, it loads normally.<ref>From that is same Copyrights(cc-by-sa)Cite error: The opening <ref> tag is malformed or has a bad name