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Base Info
Moe Point Cheerleader uniform
Related Moe Points miniskirt, baring midriff

A cheerleader uniform is a costume worn by cheerleaders.

Because cheerleaders perform various programs during sporting events, there is no shortage of beautiful young girls, so a cheerleader team is also a beautiful scenery in sports competitions.


Cheerleaders are on the sidelines during competition events, cheering on the participants and encouraging them. Cheerleaders are usually seen in high school, college and professional sports events. They cheer by using various props, slogans, fight songs, posters and dance moves to achieve a morale-boosting effect. It is important to note that cheerleaders are not just female, but male members are also an integral part of the cheer squad. They are usually in charge for lifting cheerleaders into the air, or performing various difficult moves.

In Japan and Korea, cheer squads are called ouendan (おうえんだん) and eungwondan (응원단) respectively. Japanese ouendan are comprised mainly of men. The Chinese community also cheers with gongs, drums, lion dances and art formations. In some cases, groups such as student bands, dance troupes, ceremonial teams and flagbearers can also count as cheer squads.

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