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This song has entered the Hall of Fame
Since the original song had recieved over 100,000 plays, this song had become one of the Voiceroid Hall of Famers.

Screenshot of the music video
Uploaded on 9 August 2019
537,000+ view on Niconico, 2,343,000+ view on YouTube as of 23 August 2019
Kotonoha AoiKotonoha Akane
Nicovideo  Youtube 

"Kotonoha Aoi-chan Has to Eat ChocoMint" (Japanese: 絶対にチョコミントを食べるアオイチャン)is an original Voiceroid song composed by GYARI, a follow-up on Akane-chan Will Listen to Whatever You Have to Say. The song is originally uploaded to Niconico and Youtube on 9 August 2019.

As most of GYARI's songs, the song possesses a rather long title which is officially shortened to "Chocomintopia".

Following GYARI's success on "Seyena.", "Chocomintopia" received great popularity; it, with "Seyana.", are the only two Voiceroid songs that recieved over 100,000 views on Niconico Douga.

The song tells the story of Kotonoha Aoi as a diehard Chocomint (chocolate mint) fan: she tried to introduce chocomint to her regular chocolate ice cream-loving older sister, Kotonoha Akane; launched a political party to promote chocomint; and fought twitter-war with anti-chocomint groups. She end up chastised by Akane with chocomint ice creams made from a revolting recipe, upon when she finally realized that people have the right to freewill.