Deer Squad

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Deer Squad
Deer Squad.webp
Original Name 无敌鹿战队
Translation Name Deer Squad
Region China
Classification All ages
Original run July 15, 2020-present
Episodes 80
Studio iQiyi
GZ Art-land
Directed by Wang Zhigang
Lu Dexiang
Music by Score Draw Music
Licensed by Paramount

Deer Squad is a Chinese animated television series created by iQiyi and GZ Art-land.


The series focuses on the adventures of Kai, Lola, Rammy and Bobbi, four deer who live in Central Forest, a forest area which neighbors the technologically-advanced Platinum City. Whenever there is trouble in Platinum City, the four deer transform and use their "Planet Power" to solve the situation.


The Deer Squad

Kai (凯奇, Kai Qi)
He is a deer with golden skin and the leader of the Deer Squad. His Planet Power is Water.
Lola (娜娜, Nana)
She has pink skin and her Planet Power is Wood.
Rammy (雷米, Leimi)
His skin is red, and his Planet Power is Sun.
Bobbi (多比, Duobi)
He has green skin and his Planet Power is Earth.
A new character introduced in Season 2, and the newest member of the Deer Squad. She has blue skin, a crystal pendant, and lives inside a cave full of crystals.


A duck who is the Deer Squad's ally, and is always on the look for whatever disturbs the forest.
A squirrel.
A turtle.


Sir Steel
Professor Scratch
A scientist who takes care of Sir Steel and builds inventions for him.


Season 1

  1. Good Night Central Forest
  2. Steelzilla
  3. Save the Bees
  4. Catfish Capers
  5. Duck Dilemma
  6. Donut Panic
  7. Kai Express
  8. Deep Blue Boo Boo
  9. Meteor Mayhem
  10. Switcheroo
  11. I Scream
  12. Ducknado
  13. Bubble Debacle
  14. Spinning Steel
  15. Protect the Egg
  16. Fan Club
  17. Dance of Destruction
  18. That's Magic
  19. Stuck Together
  20. Steel in Space
  21. Double Trouble
  22. Box Not So Clever
  23. Astonished and Amazed
  24. Wash Out
  25. The Great Race
  26. Slime Time
  27. Sky Art
  28. Attack of the Drones
  29. Lola's Air Display
  30. Down The Sewers
  31. Ball of Chaos
  32. Magnet Maelstrom
  33. Gravity Calamity
  34. Doctor Steel Little
  35. Pine Cone Power Up
  36. Berry Bad
  37. Turnip For The Books
  38. Small Is Smashing
  39. Steel Antlers
  40. Captain Steel

Season 2

  1. Over The Rainbow
  2. We're Toast
  3. Muffin In Space
  4. Fizzy Frenzy
  5. Were Wig on the Loose
  6. Lights Camera Action
  7. Raining Teddies
  8. Party People
  9. The Wig of Power
  10. The Duck Who Parped Wolf
  11. Satellite Flight
  12. Diamond Geezer
  13. Jump Up and Get Down
  14. What's Up, Lola?
  15. Crystal Catastrophe
  16. Good Steel, Bad Steel
  17. Lady Monkey Mech
  18. Critter Care Calamity
  19. The Supersized Sunflower
  20. Moontaker
  21. Every Cloud
  22. Rainbow Comet Rush
  23. The Big Bug Hunt
  24. Deer Ball
  25. Game Over
  26. Forever Young
  27. Tiny Heroes
  28. Big Face in Space
  29. Treasure Park
  30. Baddy Long Legs
  31. Wheel of Steel
  32. Bobbi's Bongos
  33. Fountain Fiasco
  34. Night of the Disco Lights
  35. Cosmic Circus
  36. A Hole Lot of Trouble
  37. Den Build Disaster
  38. Winter Lights
  39. Dinobot
  40. Forest Squad in Space

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