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Dupuis logo.jpg
2012 logo
Company name Dupuis
Also known as Éditions Dupuis
Type Publisher
Founded 1896
Headquarters Marcinelle, Hainaut, Belgium
Parent Média-Participations
Subsidiaries Dupuis Audiovisuel
Main works Spirou & Fantasio
Founder Jean Dupuis
Key people Claude de Saint-Vincent (managing director)
Website dupuis.com

Dupuis is a Belgian publishing company.



The publishing company was founded in 1896 by Jean Dupuis. In its early years, it began as a novel and newspaper publisher, its most notable publications at the time were the humorous journal Le Moustique, and the women's magazine Les Bonnes Soirées. In 1931, Jean entrusted his sons Charles and Paul with the creation of a magazine for children. In 1938, the first issue of Le Journal de Spirou (also known as simply Spirou) was published. Many of the well-known Belgian comic book series were published Spirou, such as Spirou & Fantasio and The Smurfs. After World War II, and after a series of internal problems such as paper shortage, Dupuis began expanding its business. Soon, Spirou became one of the top two Franco-Belgian comics magazines, along with Tintin, published by Dupuis' rival Le Lombard.

Business growth

In the 1960s, Dupuis began to incursion in the merchandising business, releasing goods based on their comics series. Despite the poor sales, it helped the publisher's comics gain notoriety. At the same time, Dupuis began to enter a "dark age": the magazines didn't sell well, and their movie studio (Belvision) didn't seem to produce any successful films. Despite this, Dupuis' comics were still famous worldwide. In the 1990s, Dupuis began its incursion to other media, such as TV series and video games.

Acquisition by Média-Participations

In 2004, Dupuis was acquired by the French media conglomerate Média-Participations.



  • Spirou
  • Groom

Comic series

  • Spirou & Fantasio
  • Lucky Luke
  • Gaston
  • Marsupilami
  • Buck Danny
  • Largo Winch
  • Blondin et Cirage
  • Johan & Peewit
  • The Smurfs
  • Michel Vaillant
  • Les femmes en blanc
  • Cédric
  • Kid Paddle
  • Game Over
  • Seuls/Alone
  • Harmony
  • Zombillénium
  • Boule et Bill/Billy & Buddy
  • Les Tuniques Bleues/The Bluecoats
  • Papyrus
  • Yoko Tsuno
  • Agent 212
  • Le Scrameustache
  • Billy the Cat
  • Le Petit Spirou
  • Largo Winch
  • Mélusine
  • Les Nombrils/The Bellybuttons
  • Lady S
  • Kogaratsu
  • Dad
  • Louca
  • Frnck
  • Petit Poilu
  • Imbattable

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