Eternal Return

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Eternal Return
Eternal Return Black Survival.jpg
Original Name 이터널 리턴
Platform PC, Mobile
GRAC:GRB 15.svg - 15 and over
Developed by Nimble Neuron
Publication Date October 14, 2020 (early access)
July 2023 (official)
Linked Works Black Survival

Eternal Return is an upcoming Korean multiplayer battle game developed by Nimble Neuron. The full version will be officially released in 2023.


In this game, up to 18 players per game make and use equipment and food using farmed items. It is a battle royale game that utilizes hyperloop teleportation and various strategies through traps and objects to ensure the last person, or last team, standing.

Like its predecessor Black Survival, it is a battle royale game, but while following this farming method, the battle has been changed to a method of manipulating the keyboard and mouse from the point of view between the top view and the quarter view. To put it simply, it is the control method of a quarter-view action game like a roll. As a result, it is a quarter view + battle royale survival game similar to the previous Battlelight Royale, but it feels very different in details such as farming routes or leveling up through exploration or production.


In the island of Lumia, the organization Aglaia has been conducting experiments on humans to enhance their abilities. The player is one of Aglaia's 18 test subjects, who must craft weapons and defeat other survivors.

Game modes

Normal Battle
It is divided into solo/duo/squad modes.
Rank Battle
It is divided into solo/duo/squad modes like normal battle. Depending on the win or loss, there is a tier promotion and relegation.
Cobalt Protocol
It is a 4vs4 battle mode. It was scheduled to be released on May 12, 2022, but was delayed and released on June 9, 2022.
There are tutorials, combat training, etc. As a practice mode, it teaches the game's background settings and basic play methods.


See Eternal Return/Characters.

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