Everything can be moe

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This article was originally from page [[zhmoe:万物皆可萌|万物皆可萌]][[zh:万物皆可萌|万物皆可萌]] in Chinese Moegirlpedia, and the license might be different from English Moegirlpedia. The contents might differ after being modified by different users on both sides. For more information, see Moegirlpedia:Copyrights.

Everything can be moe is the principle of Moegirlpedia.It's the Immutable "Family instructions" of Moegirlpedia members.

ACG Rules

  • Rule No.0: Respect different people's standards for moe.
  • Rule No.1: Everything on earth can be moe.
  • Rule No.2: If there's something is not moe,see Rule No.1
  • Rule No.3: Content has moe word.
  • Rule No.4: Moe is not given by others, but needs to be discovered by yourself.
  • Rule No.5: There is no sex or species differentiation of moe.
  • Rule No.22: Please forgive all the sex that exists in this world.
  • Rule No.34: If it exists,it must has H.
  • Rule No.42: If it exists,it must can be moe.
  • Rule No.51 :If it exists,it must can be sex object.
  • Rule No.63: ♂→♀,but♀can→♂.
  • Rule No.72: If it exists,it must has CP.
  • Rule No.81: 哲♂学万岁
  • Rule No.99: 本子要打码
  • Rule No.223: O学万岁