Fung Chi Ming

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Fung Chi Ming
Real name Fung Chi-ming (馮志明)
Also known as Lo Fung (老馮)
Origin Hong Kong, China
Birth date 1957
Occupation Cartoonist, manhuajia

Fung Chi Ming is a cartoonist from Hong Kong. He is the founder and chairman of the Hong Kong and Macau Animation Alliance Association and a chairman of the Hong Kong Comics Association.


Fung, commonly known as "Lo Fung", entered the industry as a comics assistant when he was 17, and has dedicated himself to comics for nearly 40 years. His signature works Dragger, Sword, Laugh the The Tyrant Blade took the lead in the market with their distinguished martial arts style. By the end of the 90s, Fung launched physical replicas for the weapons that appeared in The Tyrant Blade, pioneering the production of the collectibles in Hong Kong comic industry. In additions, his comics, characterised with compelling and exciting storylines, have attracted practitioners from the entertainment industry to turn them into computer games and movies Dragger, Sword, Laugh was adapted into an online game, and was even made into a film.