Fuuka (Inai Inai Baa!)

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Kakurenbo Fuka smile.svg
Official cartoon image of Fuuka
Name Fuuka Hara (原風佳)
Birthday February 22
Horoscope ♓Pisces
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Moe Points
From Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Group Affiliation Inai Inai Baa!
Color Green (99CC00)

Fuuka (ふうか) is a character in NHK's children's television series Inai Inai Baa!.


Her real name is Fuuka Hara (原風佳はらふうか). From Osaka Prefecture, Japan. The show's working time was April 7, 2003 - March 30, 2007. She became the third Onee-san and she was 7 years old when she first appeared on the show. She moved to Tokyo at the age of 2, and worked as a model in the first grade of elementary school.