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少女前线 logo.png
Elphelt Valentine
Basic info
Original name
Hair color Red
Eye color green
Type SG
Rarity EXTRA
Part of “Valentine”ヴァレンタイン

Elphelt Valentine is a character from the 2DFTG game Guilty Gear developed by Arc System Works
A collaboration effort between Girls' Frontline and Guilty Gear was made in 2017, making Elphelt Valentine appear as a collaboration character. She was introduced on 22 June, 2017

Character intro

Official introduction

The standard copy-paste by the developers

"Loves nature and animals, with a soft personality unwilling to ignore anyone's loneliness, considers that action is the ultimate solution to all problems, and is very optimistic."

"Concentrates on being as feminine as possible, is working hard to approach the profile of an ideal woman in her own mind, but does futile work often. Has infinite interest in love-related topics, and loves to imagine as if dreaming.

As the "sister" of Ramlethal who declared war to the world, she's part of "Valentine" herself.

Her full name is "Elphelt Valentine" (also transcribed as "Elpheldt" or "Elfelt". She likes to call Ramlethal ValentineRamlethal=Valentine, who's also part of "Valentine" as simply "Ram", and is, to some extent, her sister. Has a slight crush on the male protagonist of the serious, Sol Badguy.

She's recruited by KyKy=Kiske as her sister Ramlethal appeared, actually part of the "Valentine" secretly captured by the Illulian United Kingdom. As a "Valentine" who has no emotional elements, Elphelt has a loving nature, and likes to imagine scenarios such as love and marriage.

She had her restraints released by Ky, then former King of the Illulian Kingdom to battle her sister, Ramlethal who declared war to the entire world as a "Valentine". She once lost her own emotions when recalling the duty as a "Valentine", but regained them with the assistance of her companions. Originally intended to self-detonate with at her free will, but was stopped by her own sister as she suddenly had emotions. An extraordinarily nasty pair.

Stands with humans to protect the Absolute wall of defense Felion絶対防壁フェリオン, and relocated it to prevent sabotage by the real perpetrator真の黒幕.

As with the official description, she has a young and open heart. She often conflicts between the command from the "Mother" from "Valentine", to "not love anyone", while trying to fall in love on the other hand.

Character specification

  • Height: 168cm
  • Weight:Arbitrary
  • Birth:25th December
  • Blood type:W/O
  • Habits:Girls' Talks, dog voice imitation
  • Important things: Smiling face, Bush dog-shaped coin can, all desserts
  • Hates: All bugs, killing, loneliness
  • CV: 洲崎绫(Aya Suzaki)

In-game Stats

Elphelt Valentine
Catalogue number:No.2 RarityEXTRA
Nationality:None Type:Shotgun
CV: 洲崎绫 Illustrator:ZAGALA
Health (S) 138 → 275 Damage (S) 15 → 36
Dodge (C) 2 → 9 Accuracy (A) 2 → 13
Movement Speed (B) 6 → 6 Rate of Fire (A) 20 → 28
Ammo 5 → 5 Armor (S) 3 → 23
Critical chance 40% → 40%
Operational effectiveness
324 → 5096
Resource demands
Ammo 30 → 90 Rations 40 → 140
Skill Description
Concluding dessertMultilayer sponge cake
Causes 400% (800%) damage and locks on to the target,
launches a missle afterwards, causing 600% (1200%) damage to all enemies within a 1.5 radius of the target.
Initial cooldown at 10 seconds at an interval of 20 (16) seconds.
Effect tiles

Keypad 1,7

Effect Affects MGs
Increases damage by 15%, and accuracy by 15%
Reward for clearing Episode 4 of Operation Rabbithunt.


  • The buff effect of handguns will be improved when they undergo dummy expansions.
  • Data in parentheses ("()") is the maximum possible value of the stat.
GG elfeldt.png
GG elfeldt D.png
Other outfits
Magnum wedding
GG elfeldt 504.png
GG elfeldt 504 D.png
Doll Annihilater
GG elfeldt 505.png
GG elfeldt 505 D.png
Chibi version animation

File:Elphelt Valentine.gif

Chibi version animation (Magnum Wedding)


Skill showcase: Multilayer sponge cake (outfit: Doll Annihilator)

File:Elphelt Valentine DA Chibi.gif

While players find that it gets changed to "Concluding dessert" when acquiring her.

Official description

Elphelt Valentine (in Chinese)


Illustration Related info

An editor forgot to add the address. Let's hit him.

As known to commanders who know GG well, Elphelt uses her red-haired white-dress outfit as the 1P character in GUILTY GEAR Xrd -SIGN- where she first made her appearance, while the 2P character used the white outfit as seen in Girls' Frontline. However, in the subsequent version of GGX, GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2, Elphelt's 2P outfit in the previous game was put in the 1P outfit's place.

The illustration and model used in the game is based on the Elphelt in GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2. Its logo was also used when the collaboration was revealed. It was also stated that Elphelt's 1P outfit in GUILTY GEAR Xrd -SIGN-, which was renamed to "Magnum Wedding" Yes indeed. will be introduced in the game on 19 June, 2017. Another outfit, named the "Doll Annihilator", which introduced Sangvis Ferri elements, was also revealed in a weibo post on 21 June, 2017, making Elphelt the first character in the game to have a Sangvis Ferri-style outfit. It is also mentioned that these two outfits will be put on the shop shelf (128 CNY for the "Doll Annihilator" and 60 CNY for the "Magnum Wedding"). So it requires actual currency for players to get the original outfit!? @*!($* 羽中......

游戏中的原皮肤礼服裙上的纹章样式,是艾尔菲尔特在“瓦伦蒂”中的标识,原作游戏中她的姐姐拉姆雷萨尔也有一个细节不同且相似的;“人偶歼灭者”上的则是游戏中铁血的LOGO;“马格南婚礼”的裙子上,依稀可见一串英文,从字形辨认很像是“You Could be Mine你会成为我的人”。而“马格南婚礼”的重创立绘,艾尔菲尔特手中所拿的就是在原作游戏《GUILTY GEAR Xrd -SIGN-》中胜利时,给对手拿出的结婚申请表。

在Q版模型的胜利动作上,游戏中参考的是艾尔菲尔特在《GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2》中的挑衅动作(右图)。Q版模型的动作表现的是艾尔菲尔特所捧的那一束花借由铁血小狗送给了一个头发上有两个发饰的妹子ノエル=ヴァーミリオン然后BOOM!可见其LOVE势。有一部分玩家认为是一个双马尾妹子,然而纵观游戏并没有符合带一块像面包一样的头饰且是双马尾的人形,反倒是共同一起参与联动的角色——诺爱儿·梵密利欧相当符合Q版形象。诺爱儿·梵密利欧在游戏联动中是以系列街机作品,《BLAZBLUE -CENTRALFICTION- 神の観る夢(苍翼默示录 神观之梦)》中的第七机关/统制机构形象登场。

在《GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2》中,所有角色的皮肤配色,包括原配色多至24种,所以艾尔菲尔特也不例外。联动会把24种配色都给你?别想了洗洗羽中的光头睡吧![TR]


图为原作游戏《GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2》的艾尔菲尔特的立绘姿势。对比一下游戏中的皮肤“马格南婚礼”的姿势,会发现两者几乎一模一样。
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LOVE Attitude

双方都使用艾尔菲尔特时被一击必杀击败方的演出台词。[1] 出身于“Valentine”的Elphelt Valentine注定是不可能拥有情感,然而她不仅拥有情感,还对绝大部分少女所憧憬的那样,邂逅、恋爱、走上红地毯。而这部分的感情貌似被无限放大,以至于让艾尔菲尔特形成了一种对谁都是LOVE势的态度。甚至被自己的一击必杀击败时的台词都会吐槽道:“我……是谁都可以的吗!?”

原作游戏系列之一《GUILTY GEAR Xrd -SIGN-》中,艾尔菲尔特胜利时会把夹在乳沟中的结婚申请表拿出来求签名,并且会滔滔不绝地说着自己理想中的样子,然后玩家果断按跳过。如果打败的是女性角色则是会要求对方给自己介绍结婚对象(笑)。而在《GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2》中,使用的必杀一击“マグナムウェディングThe Magnum Wedding(马格南婚礼)”则是把又是夹在乳沟中的一发子弹射进对手的心脏,直接让对手爱上自己然后被爱淹没不知所措(详情看上文视频)。

In the original work, we can know that the wedding dress which Valentine dressing is rented in the fact form the original game voice.(原作中穿着婚纱的装扮,在游戏语音中透露这是艾尔菲尔特租来的2333)

Skill related info


比起“裁判佳侣”,在满是热武器横行的《Girls' Frontline》中“压轴甜点”更是适合当做联动中艾尔菲尔特的技能。在原皮肤的状态下,艾尔菲尔特的技能会有两种表现方式:一种就是上文所述还原游戏中的火箭筒攻击,另一种的技能动作则是游戏中的“马格南婚礼”。而部分玩家在活动E4图中见识到“人偶歼灭者”皮肤的技能演示动画后表示“这不是建筑师吗!?”所以也有部分玩家调侃艾尔菲尔特师从建筑师(笑)。


Character's Lines

Place Lines Voice
获得 女はいつだって、恋という戦場にたっています!修羅場の数で負けてはいないのです!
Women were in the field which called "Love". Don't be contempt how much field we had been for!(女人任何时候都站在名为“恋爱”的战场上。可别小看我们踏过的战场数量哦!)
Secretary この先に理想の旦那様が…!
My dream husband was waiting for me......!(I traslated the lines from the correct lines, not the Chinese official translation.)
If you sign here, we will be the man and wife right away! (只要在这里写下名字的话,我们俩人就是夫妻了!)
Face……too close!
Secretary(Married) これ以上は無理ですよぉ…旦那様ぁ…お腹が一杯です…あ゛…よだれが…
Apartment(hang up) うそっ!!
Echelon Formation 私ファイトッ!
Mission Start 新たな出会いの予感がします!
I can feel the new encounter!(能预感到会有新的邂逅呢!)
Damaged ドレスが汚れちゃう!
The clothes will be dirty!(衣服会弄脏的!)
Restoration まだ籍も入れて無いのにっ!
Victory(MVP) ちょっとは振り向いてくれますか?
Failure 良い乙女の条件は、立ち直りの速さです…
Beginning logistic support 不束者ですが、宜しくお願い致します。
Finishing logistic supprot 手っ取り早くいっちゃいます!
强化 素敵な強さですね!
技能 狙えます!
誓约烙印 ふふ、今から夢が広がります。二人はきっと永遠に新婚のような愛をはぐくむのです。


《Girls' Frontline》官网:《Girls' Frontline》正式公布联动《苍翼默示录》《罪恶装备》

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  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 Characters labeled "EXTRA" are the results of various collaboration efforts and are not directly based on actual firearms.