Hanazuki: Full of Treasures

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Hanazuki: Full of Treasures
Original Name
Translation Name
Region USA
Original run January 12, 2017-present
Studio Hasbro Studios
Voiced by Jessica DiCicco
Cassandra Lee Morris
Avery Kidd Waddell
Colleen O'Shaugnessey
Linked works My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Hanazuki: Full of Treasures is an American animated webseries created by Hasbro.


Based on a 2010 copyright concept, the show premiered on YouTube on January 12, 2017, and was renewed 2018, and a third season in 2019. But it didn't air... In the US, it was broadcast by Discovery Family. In Canada, it was broadcast by Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and Teletoon.


The story takes place in a galaxy far, far away, where there are many brightly colored moons that are very different from our Earth. However, a mysterious dark force is spreading, and no one knows where it comes from or what it wants, and it destroys moon after moon, eclipsing them. To protect the moon from this dark force, Moonflowers are sent to protect the moon. And the most powerful one of them is named Hanazuki.



  • Hanazuki: She is a Moonflower created by Little Dreamer. She has a small white flower on her head, which can change color with mood changes. By planting Treasure Trees, she can fight against the Big Bad, a dark force that could destroy her Moon. Hanazuki is a kind and optimistic little girl who always helps those in need. (Hanazuki means Flower Moon in Japanese, and the name is also the name of an Akizuki-class destroyer.)
  • Kiazuki: Older than Hanazuki, this Moon Flower is somewhat cynical, her moon has been destroyed. Although she is considered a senior of Hanazuki, he cannot plant Treasure Trees, so she is a little jealous of Hanazuki. Once manipulated Hanazuki to help restore her own moon. There is a black bunny named Zikoro who often annoys her.
  • Kiyoshi: A male Moonflower. Due to his pessimistic character, he can only plant black Treasure Trees, which cannot resist the invasion of dark forces. After regaining the power to master emotions, Kiazuki can also plant colored Treasure Trees.
  • Maroshi: His moon has been completely destroyed. He's an optimist, but also a little irresponsible. He would travel into space on a surfboard.


  • Hemkas: Bunny-like creatures, they can change their shape, even combine to form something else. The colors of the Hemkas reflect their personalities.
  • Sleepy Unicorn: The unicorn that lives on Hanazuki's moon. He sleeps most of the time, looks like a mindless and lazy unicorn, but actually has a dark past and is an exile. He once gave up the use of magic, but in the end was still willing to use magic to help Hanazuki. He has an evil brother named Twisted Unicorn.
  • Chicken Plant: A chicken-shaped plant who loves the Hemkas, and that lays eggs that turn into terrifying monsters.
  • Mirror Plant: A plant that reflects one's inner thoughts.
  • Dazzlessence Jones: The self-appointed sheriff on Hanazuki's moon, who looks like a big diamond. He always spoke in a sing-song way. He halps Hanazuki maintain order.


  • Director: Alison Clegg
  • Producer: Dave Polsky, Vinnie Xavier, Stephen Davis, etc.
  • Writers: Eric Acosta, Carla Lee Burke, Sam Sherrington, etc.
  • Music: John Boyd
  • Original characters created by: Hanneke Metselaar, Niko Stumpo


  • Hanazuki: Jessica DiCicco
  • Sleepy Unicorn: Avery Kidd-Waddell
  • Chicken Plant: Allison Martin
  • Little Dreamer: Colleen O'Shaugnessey
  • Kiazuki: Cassandra Lee Morris
  • Kiyoshi: Vargus Mason


Number Title
S1E01 A Moonflower Is Born
S1E02 Little Blue Hemka
S1E03 What's a Chicken Plant
S1E04 Slow Sand Rises
S1E05 Strange Gravity
S1E06 Seeing Red
S1E07 Moonflower Sister
S1E08 Baby Chicken Plant
S1E09 Only in Unicorn Dreams
S1E10 Friend or Foe
S1E11 Forgive and Forget
S1E12 Brain in a Cave
S1E13 True Colors
S1E14 Meteor the Family
S1E15 The Volcano of Fears
S1E16 Double Trouble
S1E17 Homesick
S1E18 Captured!
S1E19 Hide and Seek
S1E20 Better Together
S1E21 The Resistance
S1E22 Hemkas Got Talent
S1E23 Damage Control
S1E24 Recovery
S1E25 Rescued
S1E26 The Transplant
S1E27 Big Bad Sickness

Derived works


These comics were publushed by IDW.

Mobile game

The mobile game was released for iOS and Android on April 4, 2017.