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|image = 咩栗Infobox.jpg
|image = 咩栗Infobox.jpg
|Name = Merry
|Name = Merry ({{ruby|咩栗|Miē Lì}})
|Eye Color = White
|Eye Color = White
|Hair Color = Blue
|Hair Color = Blue
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|Age = Newborn
|Age = Newborn
|Birthday = February 22
|Birthday = February 22
|Moe Points = ''kemono'', ''loli'', electricity manipulation
|Moe Points = sheep girl, ''loli'', electricity manipulation
'''Merry''' is a Chinese [[Virtual YouTuber]]. She is one half of the duo MeUmy along with Umy.
'''Merry''' is a Chinese [[Virtual YouTuber]]. She is one half of the duo MeUmy along with Umy.

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== Please test below ==test

Name S.T.U.N.
Moe Points Singers

S.T.U.N. is a virtual group created by Moonton. The members are playable characters from the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. (They are alternate skins for the characters.) They debuted on May 15, 2021, with their digital single, "Together".

Rumor has it that they are copycats of K/DA...



Huh. Where has my head gone?
Name Chou
Height 176[1]cm
Weight 60[1]kg
Moe Points Kung-Fu fighter
I rap, therefore I am!

Chou is the rapper of S.T.U.N. He likes to skateboard.


Huh. Where has my head gone?
Name Brody
Height 185[2]cm
Weight 65[2]kg
Moe Points amnesiac
This is my tempo.

Brody is a music producer and DJ.


Huh. Where has my head gone?
Name Selena
Height 168[3]cm
Weight 48[3]kg
Moe Points Elf, Witch
Life is a stage, and I am the dancer!

Selena is the dancer, although she can sing too.


Merry (VTuber)

Name Merry (咩栗Miē Lì)
Birthday February 22
Horoscope ♓Pisces
Age Newborn
Eye Color White
Hair Color Blue
BWH Rich busts, plump waist, small hip (as told by her)
Moe Points sheep girl, loli, electricity manipulation

Merry is a Chinese Virtual YouTuber. She is one half of the duo MeUmy along with Umy.


A little sheep with electric shock, so she's bleating! From the prairie with vast land, abundant resources, and rich vegetation...
Because she is just a sheep, her favorite food is grass! And she decided to debut as a VTuber.
The languages she is good at are Japanese, English, and of course, Goat!
Emmmm... she wants to say that her reason for coming to Bilibili is to be famous!
So, as a fan, can you accompany this cute lamb in following her dreams?


Relationship with Umy

The two are currently living together. They have a very good relationship. Merry and Umy sometimes visit each other's live broadcast rooms and often do videos together.

Umy's sleeping position

According to Merry, Umy's sleeping position is different. She kicks Merry out of the bed by accident, so Merry has learned to be smart recently, sleeping on a side of the bed next to the wall.