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Name S.T.U.N.
Moe Points Singers

S.T.U.N. is a virtual group created by Moonton. The members are playable characters from the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. (They are alternate skins for the characters.) They debuted on May 15, 2021, with their digital single, "Together".

Rumor has it that they are copycats of K/DA...



Huh. Where has my head gone?
Name Chou
Moe Points Kung-Fu fighter
I rap, therefore I am!

Chou is the rapper of S.T.U.N. He likes to skateboard.


Huh. Where has my head gone?
Name Brody
Moe Points amnesiac
This is my tempo.

Brody is a music producer and DJ.


Huh. Where has my head gone?
Name Selena
Moe Points Elf, Witch
Life is a stage, and I am the dancer!

Selena is the dancer, although she can sing too.