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‘’’The ultimate goal and ideal of the ETO is to lose everything. Everything that now belongs to the human race, including us.’’’ Ye Wenjie: Me to blame?

Sung by Mt
Lyrics by Xie Afeng
Composed by C.Y.Kong (Depression)

向死而生 is a character song of Ding Yi from the animation ‘’Mine Threebody Animation’’ adapted from the science fiction novel ‘’The Three-Body Problem’’. It is sung by Mt.


向死而生 is a Chinese cover song sung by Mt. The original song is ‘’Exaggerated’’ by Eason Chan, and the latter is originally from Depression by C.Y.Kong.

This song was uploaded to acfun and bilibili by Shenyou Bafang on February 25, 2018, and was uploaded to 5sing by the planner Xixing Yeluo the next day.


5sing acfun

Wide ModeShow


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天才如我 蠢材如我 在梦里醒着
Geniuses like me and fools like me are awake in dreams
世人庸庸碌碌求而不得 不多我一个
The world's mediocrity seeks but fails not more me alone
放纵了颓废了也当消解疑惑 笑命运管窥蠡测
I'm not sure if I'm the only one who's been indulging in {ptl
沉迷过入魔过倾塌过又能如何 这一杯谢你敬我

终将真相挑破 暗夜里挣不脱重重枷锁

百死也容易 难的是苟活 尘世中以血肉对撞漩涡

谁不是生于毫末 偏贪恋天地宏阔

Easter eggs

  • The PV of this song has the words "no sponsorship" on the bottle of wine that appears between 49 seconds and 1:05.
  • At the end of the song (4:28 to 4:38), seven physical equations appear in the PV: special relativity (1905), general relativity (1916), Schrodinger wave equation (1926), Heisenberg's undetectable Quasi-theorem (1927), Dirac equation (1928), Young-Mills theory (1954), super-unity model (2018) (the equation system only includes one equation). . (one equation was put). {but the Dirac equation is missing an inverse bracket.

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