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‘’’The ultimate goal and ideal of the ETO is to lose everything. Everything that now belongs to the human race, including us.’’’ Ye Wenjie: Me to blame?

Sung by Mt
Lyrics by Xie Afeng
Composed by C.Y.Kong (Depression)

向死而生 is a character song of Ding Yi from the animation ‘’Mine Threebody Animation’’ adapted from the science fiction novel ‘’The Three-Body Problem’’. It is sung by Mt.


向死而生 is a Chinese cover song sung by Mt. The original song is ‘’Exaggerated’’ by Eason Chan, and the latter is originally from Depression by C.Y.Kong.

This song was uploaded to acfun and bilibili by Shenyou Bafang on February 25, 2018, and was uploaded to 5sing by the planner Xixing Yeluo the next day.


5sing acfun

Wide ModeShow


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天才如我 蠢材如我 在梦里醒着
Geniuses like me and fools like me are awake in dreams
世人庸庸碌碌求而不得 不多我一个
The world's mediocrity seeks but fails not more me alone
放纵了颓废了也当消解疑惑 笑命运管窥蠡测
I'm not sure if I'm the only one who's been indulging in decadence and laughing at fate
沉迷过入魔过倾塌过又能如何 这一杯谢你敬我
I've been addicted to over into the magic over collapse over, but what can I do? This cup thank you you toast me

终将真相挑破 暗夜里挣不脱重重枷锁
The true phase will finally be broken in the dark night can not break free from the heavy shackles locks
百死也容易 难的是苟活 尘世中以血肉对撞漩涡
It's easy to die, but it's hard to live in the world with flesh and blood against the whirlpool.

谁不是生于毫末 偏贪恋天地宏阔
Who is not born in the smallest of places, but to love the grandness of the world
第几道轮回都捱过 换浮生片刻
The first few reincarnations are endured in exchange for a moment of floating life
甘心不甘心说来好似是心魔 可我陷了便陷了
I'm not willing to say that it seems to be a demon, but I'm trapped, so I'm trapped.
就执念了生死存亡 表象声色
I'm obsessed with life and death, with appearances and sounds and colors

神明或虫豸 活下的 才算幸运儿
The gods and goddesses or the insects that survive are the ones that are lucky.

借酒来遮 借梦来躲 借命来挥霍
borrow wine to cover borrow dreams to hide borrow life to squander
如人饮水冷暖各有所获 谁也别干涉
As people drink water, they have their own gain, no one should interfere
这世界那世界不过一念之隔 五十年等个结果
The this world that world is just a thought away Fifty years wait for a result
遗忘的铭记的美化的也这么过 究竟谁是谁寄托
forgetting the remembering the beautifying the also so pass who is who the trust
The law remains unchanged, yes, she is there. It is the only existence that can't be changed, forever young.Just like the love of our memories ......

那就放下忐忑 来路来去处去都还不错

虚无如永生 年岁算偷得 到如今又哪敢贪求更多
Then put down apprehension Coming and going are still not wrong

The years of nothingness are like everlasting years of stealing getting and now how dare I greed for more
纵然我生于毫末 也看了天地宏阔

下一道轮回该如何 便由它如何
Even though I was born in the smallest detail, I have seen the magnificence of heaven and earth broad
真实里真实虽惋惜不曾窥破 总有来者后来者
The next one path of reincarnation should be how it is, so let it be how it is
In the real true reality, although it is a pity that it has not been seen, there is always a future coming person.
The feast that has not been touched, the virgin that has not been touched, hehehehehehe ......
大道不离生死存亡 表象声色
Escape velocity, why don't you calculate the escape velocity? Did you read the book with your ass?Hehehehehehe ......"

The Great Way is not separated from life and death The manifestation sound color
神明或虫豸 时光中 颠倒几回合

Gods or worm radicals In time, upside down generation of few turns
你也不必问我 这一生这条路值不值得

观者谈因果 后人论功过 横竖我听不见他们评说
And you don't have to ask me if this path of life is worth it

I can't hear them commenting on the cause and effect.
面目虽扭曲映射 看去还不算太丑恶

至于鬓角那点斑驳 就一笑而过
Although the eyes are distorted, they don't look too ugly
倒也算有幸在命途最后时刻 领教太悬殊强弱
As for the spots on the temples, I just smile and pass by.
扑面加身烧熔骨骼 演化烟火
I was fortunate enough to learn the difference in strength at the end of my life

The body of the body burned bones bones into smoke fire
若蝉声戛然 先蹈此辙

死神裙下客 从来多 螳螂黄雀你又作哪个
If the cicadas sound scream first
The skirt of death is always multiple the mantis, and which one are you?

In the long night of the Orion arm of the galaxy, two civilized meteors crossed, and the universe remembered their light
宇宙再宏阔 真理共微尘一色


Easter eggs

  • The PV of this song has the words "no sponsorship" on the bottle of wine that appears between 49 seconds and 1:05.
  • At the end of the song (4:28 to 4:38), seven physical equations appear in the PV: special relativity (1905), general relativity (1916), Schrodinger wave equation (1926), Heisenberg's undetectable Quasi-theorem (1927), Dirac equation (1928), Young-Mills theory (1954), super-unity model (2018) (the equation system only includes one equation). . (one equation was put). {but the Dirac equation is missing an inverse bracket.

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