Honoka Kosaka

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Member01 honoka.png
Real Name Honoka Kosaka
Nihongo 高坂 穂乃果 (こうさか ほのか)
Romaji Kōsaka Honoka
Age 16y/o
Birthday August 16
Star Sign Leo
CV Emi Nitta
Groups μ's
Personal Status Leader of μ's
Moe Points koukousei, genki, baka, foodie, side ponytail

Honoka Kosaka高坂 穂乃果こうさか ほのか)is a member of μ's in LoveLive! series.


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In Manga and Novels

In Animation

In the animation, Honoka is a girl who really loves her school. On hearing the news that the school is forced to close down for the next year, Honoka even fainted.

Seeing her younger sister Yukiho interested in applying for UTX high school after school that day, Honoka decides to know more about UTX high school. She soon learnt that UTX high school is famous for "school idol", and the school idol group "A-RISE" have gain loads of fans.

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