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Name 蘭希LanCee
Birthday May 31
Horoscope ♊Gemini
Age 18
Height 158cm
Weight 43kg
Eye Color blue
Hair Color white
Moe Points
From Taipei, China
Active in YouTube, Bilibili
Group Affiliation VOICEMITH, V-Club
Related Characters
V-Club:HeiHei, DeeLA, DooDoo
VOICEMITH:Oscar, Xia Yu Yao, Joan, ZETA

LanCee (蘭希) is a VTuber that has been active on YouTube and Bilibili on May 31, 2019.


  • A bright and lively appearance, a meticulous heart, a smart, high-achieving student who has high musical attainments, can dance, can sing, is willing to try and challenge all kinds of new things, always have solutions to emergencies, love reasoning, and puzzle games..... Good at sociability Occasionally, there will be moments when a girl’s heart breaks out and there is always a dull moment where she can’t turn her brain.[1]
  • Singing VTuber
  • Speak Chinese and English
  • Grows up, originally set to 18 in 2019, has reached 20 in the new setting on November 5, 2021.

Character design

With a white evening dress as the main element, the body is wearing black stockings, and it is matched with a triangular prism hair accessory. The middle is a seven-color dress. There are also seven-color lines on the clothes to represent her light attributes.

Character design

Some of Her Videos

Musical Work


Date Song Name YouTube bilibili Note
2019/6/13 Cosmos Dreams YouTube Bilibili N/A
2019/10/12 The World in My Writings (我筆下的世界) YouTube N/A 10th Golden Comic Awards Ceremony Theme Song
2019/12/18 Soul Adventures YouTube N/A Soul Magic Theme Song
2020/5/7 I Could Be Real YouTube Bilibili N/A
2020 Sunny Day (晴天) (Chorus Version) N/A N/A Sing with Xia Yu Yao
Included in "Music Collection", which comes with Xia Yu Yao’s second official music album "Return to Origin"
There is also a solo version of Xia Yu Yao, including in "Return to Origin"


Date Title YouTube bilibili
2019/7/30 Alan Walker, Sabrina Carpenter & Farruko - On My Way Cover by LanCee YouTube Bilibili
2019/11/30 Into the Unknown - Frozen 2 (LanCee Cover) YouTube 1
YouTube 2
2021/4/21 【V-Club LanCee】《Live Cover》- Stay With Me YouTube N/A
2021/4/26 【V-Club LanCee】《Live Cover》- I'm yours YouTube N/A
2021/4/29 【V-Club LanCee】《Live Cover》- 逆光 YouTube N/A


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