Lie Yangyang

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Name Lie Yangyang
Other Names Coach (called by Weslie and others), Master (called by Qiu Shenglang)
CV Li Tuan
Moe Points
Group Affiliation Goats Team
Status Alive
Related Characters
Players: Weslie, Tibbie, Paddi, Sparky, Jonie, Wolffy
Former apprentices :Qiusheng Lang
Wife:Yang Dama
Classmate and Enemy:Slowly

Lie Yangyang is a character from Dunk for Victories.


He is a goat with a fluffy shower cap hairstyle, a soft and fat belly, and a skin that is "healthier" than Sparky.He likes to play basketball, read books and eat watermelon. His mantra is "Good shot! Good shot!" He is good at sports, games, psychological tactics.[1]
He is the coach of the Goat Team in Dunk for Victories.
Compared with him when he was young, his appearance has changed drastically.