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Profile picture
Name LuckyCupCake
Other Names Sweety Catty
Birthday April 20
Horoscope ♈Aries
Age infinite8888
Height 164163.7cm
Eye Color Pink
Hair Color Brown
Moe Points nekomimi, baker, polyglot
From South Korea

LuckyCupCake is an independent VTuber from South Korea with permanent residence in France. She began her activities on YouTube on December 10, 2021.


  • "Lucky catty from South Korea, your sweet heart."
  • Currently lives in France. She masters Korean, English, French and she's also able to speak Chinese and Japanese. Usually:
    • speaks Chinese and some English and Japanese on Bilibili streams;
    • speaks Korean in main and English in secondary on YouTube streams, depending on the language of audiences;
    • speaks Korean and English on Twitch streams, but is more proficient with Korean.
  • Loves playing computer games (except horror games), reading, cooking, animals and desserts.
  • Dislikes being tested (especially about language abilities), pressure and sad movies.

Personal Experience


  • Dec. 10th: Live streamed on YouTube for the first time.
  • Dec. 31st: Created an account on Bilibili and uploaded her self-introduction video.


  • Jan. 4th: Reached 10,000 fans on Bilibili.
  • Jan. 8th: Livestreamed on Bilibili for the first time.
  • Jan. 10th: Livestreamed on Twitch for the first time.
  • Jan. 29th: Reached 20,000 fans on Bilibili.

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