Lumina (Chunghwa Telecom)

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HiNet Lumina.jpg
Artwork of Lumina by NAiK
Name Lumina (English)
璐米娜 (Chinese/Taiwanese)
ルミナ (Japanese)
Eye Color Orange
Hair Color White and red
Moe Points short hair
hair streak
From Taiwan
Group Affiliation Chunghwa Telecom
Related Characters
Predecessors: Chunghwa Baby, HiNet Superman

Lumina is the virtual spokesperson of HiNet, the internet service provided by the Taiwanese company Chunghwa Telecom.[1]


In April 2019, Chunghwa Telecom launched a designing contest to create a virtual character to represent HiNet.[2] On November 5, the winning design was to be announced: entry #56, "Guangyin Kailing" (光音凱伶) by the artist NAiK.[3]

Lumina's white hair with a red streak and a light mark symbolize the colors of the HiNet logo. The antennae on her head represent a flash of light and a brilliant aura, symbolizing the spirit of the young generation. Her tail is a CATx network cable, symbolizing the bridges that connect us.


Digital Singles

Name Release Date
Always be with you (光速和你在一起) April 23, 2020
Future in my hands July 10, 2020



Year Name Original Network
2020 No Scream Tonight YouTube


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